30 Meals in One Day Review, Promo Code & Giveaway!

Faith and Family Reviews received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While we consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, our reviews are our honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

So, you spent the day at work or running around with your kids.  You get home and the question comes up, “What’s for dinner?”.  Imagine telling them we’re having Slow Cooked Chili or Chicken Stuffed Manicotti within 45 minutes!  With this book and CD, it’s possible!

Dinner is Ready (by Deanna Buxton)  is the book & software I received.  In this book, there are 15 chapters.  Each explains in detail the steps you need to accomplish your ultimate goal of 30 Meals in One Day. Here are a few chapter titles.  “What is Freezer-Worthy?”, “Things That Will Make Your Life Easier”, “The Day Before”,  & “Thawing”.

I’m going to share 2 (two) paragraphs from the “Dinner is Ready” book.

From Chapter 2 – “What is Freezer-Worthy?”

“The test for “freezer-worthiness” is, “Do you like it after it has been frozen?”  After it is frozen, thawed and heated, can you tell that it has been frozen?  If you can tell it has been frozen, you don’t want it on your freezer-worthy list.  You are not freezing leftovers!  What makes leftovers taste like leftovers?  Leftovers can taste dried out, thick and overcooked.  Freezing is a marvelous method for food preservation.  When frozen properly, the food you serve your family will taste as delicious as if made that day!  The intention is to freeze food at or before its peak so you are always serving fresh tasting food.  Fully cooked meals such as Slow Cooker, StoveTop and Oven recipes should be frozen as soon as cool enough to go into the freezer.  Assemble recipes should be frozen as soon as preparation and packaging is complete.

From Chapter 4 – ” Choosing Recipes”

“Before choosing 15 recipes to prepare, you must first divide them according to cooking method and/or time required to prepare each.  Slow Cooker recipes, Oven recipes, StoveTop recipes, and Assemble recipes.

Your recipe list should very nearly consist of:

2 Slow Cooker recipes, 2 Oven recipes, 2 StoveTop recipes and 9 Assemble recipes

This is a general rule.  The number of each will probably vary at times.  Just be sure to limit the total to 15.  Don’t choose more Slow Cooker and Oven recipes than are physically possible in a day and avoid choosing too many labor intensive StoveTop recipes.”

My Review:

What your doing is making 15 double batch recipes, getting 30 meals.  This book and software is fantastic!  The software is very friendly, when you pick your recipes.  It will develop a shopping list and labels!  Also, from the software you can print a menu, recipes, and labels!  The book is very step by step and it seems as though nothing has been left out!  There are 158 pages of recipes!  However, I must warn you.  You’ll need 1 (one) full day just to cook.  So, put your families on notice for that day.  That and your shopping day, you’ll probably end up spending more than normal.   But, you’ll have tons of meals!  I know what some of you are thinking, where am I going to fit 30 meals in my freezer?  (There’s a chapter on this too)  I’m limited on space and moving in a few weeks.  So, 30 meals didn’t make sense to me at this time.  Or maybe you want to try it out first.  You can do what I did, I made 10 meals (5 recipes).  1 Slow Cooker, 1 Oven, 1 StoveTop, and 2 Assemble.  Worked for me!

In addition to Dinner is Ready, they offer Lunch is Ready & On the Side. Got a wedding or baby shower coming up?

Overall, I recommend this product!

Let’s talk promo codes!  We’ve got one for you, for you!  You can get $5.00 off any order over $12.oo if you use this promo code:  UTFAIR   Not too shabby!

Join their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Dinner-is-Ready#!/pages/Dinner-is-Ready/192962734062940

Or their blog at http://www.30mealsinoneday.blogspot.com/!

Oh, one more thing!  We have a giveaway!!!!

One very lucky Faith and Family Reviews reader will win a Dinner is Ready book and software combo!

You can also purchase this combo on their website at http://www.30mealsinoneday.com/products.php and don’t forget your promo code UTFAIR.  If you order the same combo set, then win the giveaway, they will refund your order OR send you another set!  AND – it you order the full set (all 3 cookbooks and 3-in-1 software) before the winner is announced, the will refund $60.00 of the winner’s order!

Happy Cooking!


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Thanks and have fun!

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