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Faith and Family Reviews is a PR OK blog. Our focus is family friendly products, but we are open to reviewing a wide array of consumer products from personal care and food to educational tools and books. We prefer food, personal care products and supplements to be free of chemicals, additives and preservatives; after all we are beginning organic farmers. We are very health conscious and desire to live a green lifestyle, promoting wise stewardship of our God-given resources.

Our Family:

My husband & I, parents in their 40’s

2 teenagers

3 preteens

1 elementary

1 preschooler

1 toddler

Pets: A Newfie/Retriever dog (3 years old) and three outside cats…hoping to replace our Guernsey cows, Oberhasli goats, Babydoll sheep, chickens and turkeys, as well as get a horse in the future.

I am actively involved in several blogging communities: MomDot, The Motherhood, Collective Bias/Social Fabric and more.

While our family loves trying new products, please know that many times we will pass off review opportunities to our three talented contributing writers so Theresa is free to participate in other opportunities and the general management of Faith and Family Reviews.

Blog Stats: (as of November 2013)

3000-5000+ unique visitors/month

10000-15000+ page views/month

PR 3

4800+ Twitter followers

4500+ Facebook fans

800+ Facebook friends

650+ Google+ Followers

1800+ Pinterest Followers

Reviews & Giveaways: (free of charge with a review item)

Giveaways without a review option: Price to be determined based on requirements and needs of brand or company.

We are open to receiving sample products in exchange for a review, but please understand that we will be giving an honest opinion of the product even if we do not like it. We reserve the right to refuse any product submission – whether it be an item that does not interest us or that we cannot endorse or promote. Please keep that in mind as you contemplate submitting your product pitch.

Please note:

1.) Products must not be samples. Review items must have at least $25-50 AV. Lesser value items will be considered on a case to case basis.
~ Our time is precious, so we will not longer be accepting anything less than this. In order for the time and effort involved in thinking of the words to write, typing those words, researching or reading product information, taking pictures or downloading photos of the product to be properly compensated, this is our requirement.

2.) We will not pay shipping of giveaway items. Please do not send us extra product to giveaway.
~ Think about it. Sending out product requires more time on our part, boxing up the item, cost of tape, packing materials, shipping, in addition to driving to the post office or other shipping outlet. Again, our time is precious and if you only sent a $10 item, we are not even being paid for the value of our work.

3.) We will not accept samples that need to be returned. Unless company sends a return shipping label with the review item.
~ For the aforementioned reasons in #2.

We do not post press releases or promotions for free. See below for our advertising rates.

Thank you for understanding these requirements. We are grateful and feel privileged to partner with you and be a part of your PR campaign.

Feel free to contact me via the form below or at

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We offer a variety of options for your advertising needs.

Twitter Parties:

As a Virtual Assistant, Theresa, has worked with many different companies. Many of the tasks centering around social media. She has co-hosted a chat on The Motherhood, participated in many Twitter parties/chats, facilitated Facebook campaigns and she would love to help you with your Twitter or Facebook campaign!

Sasha Pensanti, Social Media Coordinator at, says of our Twitter Party services:

Our Twitter Party with Theresa and Faith and Family Reviews was insanely successful. I could not have hoped for a better partner to work with on this. She came up with excellent questions based on our company’s needs and wants. We gave her a theme and she ran with it from there. We had tremendous success on the day of the Twitter Party. I knew we would get new followers and likes from this, but when I say that we got hundreds of likes and follow within one or two hours…that’s not an exaggeration. We were shocked and thrilled. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Social Media Promotion

Have a post or article you would like promoted throughout my social media networks? I will promote your post or articles for XXXX. Email me for rates.

Banner Ads:

125 x 125 Sidebar ads available on monthly or yearly rate.

Textlink Ads:

We accept textlink ads, but will only feature 2 at one time. Available at monthly and yearly rates.

Advertorials & Sponsored Posts:

We accept posts already written and Theresa is available to write posts about topics specific to your needs. We will include one image and two links.

Brand Ambassadorships:

If you have openings for brand ambassadors, please contact me as I would love to represent a great company and share your promotions with my readers.

Conference Sponsorships:

If you would like me to represent your brand at any upcoming blog conferences, please contact me today!

Travel & On-site Reviews:

Our family loves to travel and this would be our dream opportunity if you chose Theresa to travel and represent or review your brand/product or service.

Theresa is also available to manage your business blogs, email campaigns or other administrative needs.

Payment is required prior to posting or a 50% deposit for services rendered.

Please contact us for current rates at or through the form below:

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Please Note: Acceptance of paid advertising does not necessarily mean that we as a family or Faith and Family Reviews endorses or agrees with the person, product, brand or company paying for advertising. We reserve the right to refuse advertising requests at our discretion. Thanks! ~ Theresa

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