Week #15 Saturday Top Five Laughs

Saturdays Top Laughs dentistmelsbbutton-11

We are joining Mel over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for week #15 (for us) in the Saturday Top Five Laughs of the week.

5. Crushed Bones and Poison Bloody Death compliments of Amelia Bedilia when I told her to label it “Baking Soda”. She’s been hanging out with B, can you tell?

Crushed Bones

FFR Poison Bloody Death

FFR Baking Powder
She’s not our best speller…takes after her dad and yes, he’d say the same thing! ;)

4. “Picture it, Mommy, picture it!” Jr. said about his “school work”. My phone crashed this week and I think I may have lost the photos of school work, as I could not find them on my phone or computer. :(

3. Goats are very curious. They got a hold of our son’s glove and then were fighting over it. They tried to nibble on our oldest’s iPod. They thought the stiff brush B was trying to brush them with was something to eat. They were trying to catch sunbeams on each other’s backs. When the dog got loose and ran down to the barn and jumped on the goats stall, all they did was paw the ground and shake their heads at him.

2. We went to the mall for a girls day out yesterday and because of traffic etc. I had the girls watching for cars and people as I backed out of the Panera Bread parking lot. Amelia Bedilia goes, “Ah mommy, the snow bank!” I told her I didn’t care about the snow bank or the curb because I didn’t have to pay for those if I backed into them. I cared about people and cars! Yeah, can’t tell money is on my mind…sigh.

1. The other day I napped in the afternoon and woke up around 4:15pm when my husband came into the room. I jumped up and said, “I’m late for the newspaper!” My husband said, “It’s 4:15 in the afternoon.” I was so dazed and disoriented it took me a few minutes for that to sink in. I just stood there trying to focus…it was weird. Robert and the children laughed and teased me about that one for the rest of the day!

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  1. Mickey says:

    LOL my daughters have been reading “Goosebumps” and now call harmless objects crazy, ghoulish names too. Creative kids!

  2. Tammy says:

    I get the backing up and the money thing both ;) It seems every day around here we’re finding something that needs fixing or replacing :( We drove a loaned Kia a couple of weeks ago and the back up camera on that thing was such a handy feature, my next vehicle will have one for sure.

  3. Very great list of laughs.

  4. Toni says:

    I love your weekly laughs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Julie says:

    Ha! I wonder what my son would label all the spices and condiments in our kitchen. Crushed Bones sounds about right for baking soda!

  6. Lolo says:

    A goat eating an ipod! You do not hear that every day! lol

  7. I love taking naps and waking up like that, means you slept well!

  8. When we went to Animal Kingdom the goats kept rubbing my husband’s cane. They couldn’t get enough of it!

  9. Marcie W. says:

    I am always scared of waking up from naps nervous and disoriented just like you did. Glad you got a few extra minutes of rest though!

  10. The baking soda name is hilarious! I like the way kids think!

  11. mel says:

    Very cute laughs! I always enjoy reading yours! The poison one is classic-lol! I did something familiar when I was napping too!!!

  12. Shell Feis says:

    Sounds like it would be a blast to watch your goats for a bit!

  13. Well, crushed bones is more interesting. Of course the label would be better around Halloween.

  14. Angela says:

    That’s pretty funny you woke up from a nap thinking it was morning. I’ve done that before myself. It’s a little disorienting.

  15. Kathleen says:

    That is so funny, sounds like something my boys would do if I told them to label something.

  16. Bwahahaha! You can never get rid of that bottle — that is hilarious.

  17. Your goats sound really funny. I can almost see them fighting over your son’s glove. Very entertaining.

  18. I love your nap funny. I’ve had that happen before. It is so surreal.

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