Week #3 Saturday Top Five Laughs – Join the Blog Hop!

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It’s time to laugh with the Goulds again! We have joined The Mommyhood Chronicles for Week #3 – for us – in the Saturday Top Five Laughs of the week.

5. The image below speaks for itself but by way of an explanation, I was working on my grocery list for a monthly order I place online at Azure Standard – I have forgotten to click submit for the past two months, that’s not the humorous part, that’s the sad part. The funny part is when I asked my daughter to double check to see if we needed anything else so I could check my list she handed me this:

FFR B's Grocery List_

It cracked me up! That’s what I get for asking a child to help with the grocery list, except she’s not so much a child anymore.

4. “The SHIELD helicarrier fell on my back!” (Inside family joke from Spiderman). “The wheel of excuses!”

3. Our 13 year old daughter was laying on the floor throwing a basketball up in the air and it fell on her face. She cracked up laughing.

Yikes, I am struggling this week, even with my children’s help.

2. When we went to dig up asparagus crowns at a local organic farm, the joke was on me. For some reason I was expecting them to be small. Wrong. They are huge! Good thing we didn’t take trowels or else we would have been there all day. Not really because they did have shovels available.

1. My husband made us laugh this week by speaking in a funny accent. ;)

Whew! That was hard. Gotta work harder at keeping track of funny things as they happen or it’s chore to come up with something.

Anything funny happen at your house this week?

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  1. Stefanie says:

    I wish Azure Standard came to my area :(

  2. Colleen says:

    LOL I love the notes as to who the items are for!

  3. Well that is an interesting way to look at those foods.

  4. Angela says:

    Lol, lots of laughter in your home, I’m sure! That grocery list is just strange, but it did make my laugh to read the parenthesis!

  5. Mickey says:

    That list is awesome. It sounds like she’s got a great sense of humor. :)

  6. Marcie W. says:

    I don’t think a day goes by that we all don’t share a good laugh together as a family. Your daughter’s grocery list is awesome!

  7. Does asparagus grow all the way underground or does it sprout up above?

    I laughed at the ball. My kids would totally do that.

  8. Asparagus grows up out of the ground in stalks, but the asparagus crown is like a root ball with dried asparagus coming out of it, it was cut short though.

  9. mel says:

    I love when you do these! That list is priceless! Totally awesome!! Brains for pasta-lol! I love that she laughed when a ball fell on her face. I think I would have cried! Adorable laughs!

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