First Milking Experience – Wordless Wednesday

I always said B’s first milking experience was when we visited a working farm in Schaumburg, IL called, Volkening Heritage Farm at Spring Valley…but then I came across this photo not too long ago. It is funny because it kind of predicted the future. What was a fun little homeschool activity turned into what real life would be like 12-13 years down the road. B milking, B has the bonnet on, with O helping her. O is standing at the chair by B’s side.

FFR B's first milking experience

By the way the Volkening Heritage Farm is an awesome place to visit as a family. For a few years we went there after an early 8:30am morning church service and visited the farm. Some Sundays we just walked, other Sundays we participated in farm events. One of which was B’s first time milking a real, live cow. She went to its tail first! She was only four at the time and had never been around a cow. It still makes us chuckle.

Gotta love memories, eh? What memory made you smile this week.

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  1. This is imaginative play at its finest, what a great pic of it all :)

  2. Tammy says:

    That’s such a cute photo! We actually smiled pretty big when we looked through pictures of our daughter’s playing in the first big blizzard she ever experienced. All that snow made for so much fun building snow forts and such.

  3. Donna says:

    What a wonderful photo! I can’t think of one particular instance but my son has done some funny things this week. :)

  4. Ty says:

    What a lovely photo! I can’t think of anything specific that happened this week, accept my kids cleaning without me having to tell them.

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