Week #17 Saturday Top Five Laughs

Saturdays Top Laughs dentistmelsbbutton-11

Getting back on track with our Saturday Top Five Laughs and joining Mel over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for week #17 (for us) in the Saturday Top Five Laughs of the week. I’ve gone back to trying to keep track of little things that happen each day so I don’t forget so many of them. I lost a couple of pieces of paper over the last two months when I neglected to put them down right here on the blog!

5. Padfoot was gun shy of water in his inflatable pool. Go figure. Yet Pumpkin, one of our cats, was discovered in Padfoot’s pool one afternoon!

4. A couple Mondays ago, in the evening, our 30 year old horse showed off 2 year old antics!

The girls say he’s obsessed with Miss Moo. The girls took the cow in first and Blaze was whinning up a storm. So while one of the girls was in the hay loft getting hay, the other girl starts yelling get back here because…..guess what Blaze did? He took off running in a canter around the house, down our road, then turned west down at our crossroads, turned aroundd waited at the gate on that road, which is locked. The girls think he was showing off for the cow. He’s going on 30 but think he’s 2!

The cars drove on the opposite side of the road. One guy stopped to see if the girls needed help, laughing all the while.

Apparently he got past O when she was closing the gate to his pasture.

Thankfully he’s ok and we can all laugh about it now but sheesh! Certainly didn’t expect him to ever do that!

FFR The Ford Expedition

3. We bought a used Ford Expedition nearly a month ago and the children nicknamed it “Hulk” because it’s big and green. Our eight year old daughter calls it “Hunk”! ;)

2. The photo below speaks for itself. ;)

FFR Goofy three year old.jpg

1. For some reason my husband either threatened or took dessert away from our three year old last night…..what does Jr. do? He blackmails us with/about pull-ups . He stalked off and said he wasn’t using his potty he was going to put on a pull-up and he did! Hubby forgot to put the pull-ups out of reach this morning or last night! But our son is a little stinker! What he didn’t realize is his daddy still wouldn’t give him dessert.

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  1. Tammy says:

    I think the name for your Explorer is ideal :) We named a previous car of ours “Plucky” because we took it on a road trip through the mountains and it had such little power that we were revving the transmission the whole way up, LOL.

  2. Toni says:

    Expeditions are awesome for space. Especially when you have a family!

  3. Lisa says:

    Your kiddo is adorably goofy! I probably would have named my car that too if it looked like yours. ;)

  4. She calls it ‘hunk’? I wonder if she has a ‘thing’ for Mark Ruffalo.

  5. Raijean says:

    Sigh! Three years olds are really smarter then we think they are.

  6. Crazy horse! Why do kids think they can blackmail us?

  7. Hulk is a great name. I drive an explorer, but I only have one kiddo & wanted a 6cyl for gas savings.

  8. Ty says:

    The Expedition was actually my first car, and I so loved it. But, mine was a real gas guzzler and I names it Mr. Guzzy lol.

  9. My friend had an expedition. It is a big and roomy car.

  10. Ty and Robin, yep, Hulk is a gas guzzler, but any vehicle large enough for most or all of our family will be a gas guzzler. We can’t seem to get away from that, unfortunately. :(

  11. Sheri says:

    LOL! You have to love the antics of 3 year olds. My 6 year old still thinks he can blackmail his way out of discipline.

  12. Colleen says:

    LOL I love the car nickname.

  13. Pumpkin and Padfoot are the best animal names EVER and how do you like your Ford? We need a new car, would this be a great road tripping car?

  14. Penelope, it’s great for us. It seats eight. It’s roomy. Our big kids can still sit in the third row seat. The seats can be removed or folded down for hauling. We have a roof rack so we can put our carrier on top should we decide to go on a road trip. The only issue it is a gas guzzler. It does get better mileage on the highway though.

  15. Marcie W. says:

    A dog that was hesitant about his pool, yet a cat that wasn’t? That IS funny!

  16. Donna says:

    #2 reminds me of my son… we have dozens of pics over the years with him doing his shirt that way over his head. :)

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