Pet Treats for Valentine’s Day

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Our Newfie/Golden Retriever mix dog, Padfoot, recently tried Shindig Valentine’s Day Treat Trio dog treats from Valentine’s Day is a day to remember our pets with “sweet” treats too, right? And since dogs cannot have chocolate Love Licks, Heartbreakers and Love Birds are the next best thing…for a dog.

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Love Licks – 3″ jumbo patties made from USDA inspected bison tongue & heart. Nutrient-rich and tasty!

Heartbarkers – 100% USA raised beef heart. High in protein & coenzyme Q10 for good heart health.

Love Birds – Human-grade chicken & turkey breast fillets – raised & packaged right here in the USA! Perfectly combined poultry proteins.

All include ingredients are sourced right here from the USA.


The ingredients in these dog treats are actually pretty good. I had photos of the ingredients to include but they are stuck on our DSLR camera. :(

Padfoot really likes these treats, then again he’s not a very picky eater. Sometimes he gets sick of certain things he has a lot, like chicken, eggs or bread if the children are tossing their leftovers to him! He definitely preferred these over his peanut butter that you see in the video. He usually loves licking out the peanut butter jar, not so much this time when a Valentine’s Day treat was available instead.

Be aware I was really loud at the beginning so have your volume turned down!

Padfoot gives Shindig Valentine’s Day Treat Trio dog treats from two thumbs up!

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  1. How cute your pup is! I would love my daughters pup to try these!

  2. Kelsey Apley says:

    You have such a cute doggy!! We love having treats like this to give to our little Ruger! Thanks for sharing, I will have to check their site out! Haven’t heard of them before!

  3. Marcie W. says:

    You know I’ve always thought your dog was so beautiful. Glad he got spoiled with some special treats!

  4. Toni says:

    Oh my dogs would love all those treats!!! Your dog is gorgeous!

  5. No pups here but would love to try new kitty treats!

  6. Donna says:

    What a gorgeous dog! I know my two would love these treats!

  7. Your pup is super cute and I hope to get the kids one soon.

  8. Speckles would love the Love Birds! She goes crazy over jerky!

  9. Shell Feis says:

    My pup would love those!

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