Week #8 Saturday Top Five Laughs – Join the Blog Hop!

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I was not good at writing down the funnies this week. But regardless, join us as we participate in The Mommyhood Chronicles Saturday Top Five Laughs – Week #8 for us – I think we are on a roll with eight weeks in a row!

5. My husband was filling waterers and carrying our dog’s 5 gallon water pail to him and our horse, Blaze, comes right up behind him to steal a drink. My husband was completely unaware until Blaze drank. Blaze didn’t have a care about the dog barking at him or the fact it was not his waterer. He simply knew it was closer than the pasture and barn water! It was funny to watch. Too bad we couldn’t get a photo.

4. Listening to my children’s laughter as they watched the movie “The Croods” was hilarious.

3. Listening to my children’s laughter as they watched the movie “Denise the Menace”….I actually fell asleep. Nothing like laughter to lull a tired mama to sleep, eh?

2. I smile every time I look at the side of the tree our three year old decorated because many of the ornaments are just laid on the branches or are in clusters. ;)

FFR 2013 Christmas Tree buying

1. We got our Christmas tree last Sunday and it brought back memories of getting last year’s tree, which was so huge it would not fit in the van. We had to shove it in and the children had to sit ducking underneath it’s branches! Getting our tree this year was pretty uneventful.

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  1. I think it’s hilarious when the little ones decorate the tree! Sometimes Angeline would put ALL of the ornaments on the same branch. LOL!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I love the sound of my daughter laughing! It’s pure joy!

  3. Julie says:

    I wish we were up for a real tree – between our cats and our two-year old, a real tree would be destroyed! :)

  4. There is nothing quite like listening to your children laugh. It makes you smile and is just infectious. We are big fans of The Croods here at our house too.

  5. I love hearing that laugh. It makes the day better.

  6. HilLesha says:

    That’s funny, yet cute story about the horse! :)

    I still need to watch The Croods. I’ll probably rent this week and watch it with my kiddos.

  7. Mellisa says:

    What an awesome tree! We have an artificial one but I really love the look and smells of a real one.

  8. Shell Feis says:

    Your tree sounds like mine! My 4 year old did most of it & most of the ornaments are just laying on our branches as well.

  9. Your horse stealing a drink is completely hilarious!

  10. Mickey says:

    My son made one long line of ornaments all the way across the bottom of the tree. :)

  11. Colleen says:

    LOL about the ornaments laying on the branches, and love that the horse was thinking about the closest place to get a drink.

  12. Marcie W. says:

    Seeing the photo of your tree and all of that snow makes me yearn for a real Christmas. It can be difficult to get in the holiday spirit when you live in the desert.

  13. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my kids laugh

  14. Tammy says:

    That’s too cute about your pre-schooler and the tree decorating. Deocrating the tree is my husband’s job and when my daughter was old enough to help, he totally trained her in his OCD ways and the two of them practically walk around the tree with a tape meaure and a level LOL.

  15. I feel sorry for you Marcie! It was weird when I lived in Florida for four months to be there in December and no snow!

  16. Oh my, Tammy! That’s funny! I gave up being particular a long time ago, not that your husband can help it, but my picky-ness has aged with eight children! ;)

  17. I still have to get a photo of his branch, Colleen! Completely forgot today. Tomorrow is a new day though. ;)

  18. Shell, yay for 3 and 4 year olds to make us smile and look through life differently! ;)

  19. Mellisa, we had an artificial tree for a long time and went back to real ones the past few years after our artificial tree got invaded by mice in the garage of our townhome!

  20. Mickey, that’s great what your son did too! ;)

  21. mel says:

    I need to watch the Croods! I heard it was so cute! Oh Denise the Menace- now that brings me back to my childhood! The good ole days! I agree- there is nothing better than laughter!

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