Summer on the Farm – Wordless Wednesday

We are having an extremely busy summer. So busy that I am taken aback that we are nearly half way through July! Summer has always been my favorite season, though I enjoy the others. My birthday is during the summer and my mom always made birthday time FUN! From sleepovers to camp outs to a day on the lake, I always had a blast. Summer on the farm is fun too or not so fun in some instances, as we’ve had a couple of disasters (our sized disasters that is, as we realize there are much worse disasters happening). We lost 17 of our 29 broilers on the way to processing due to them overheating – expensive. Our new batch of turkeys were shipped over the 4th of July and we lost over half of them. Now I am struggling to find a local source for turkeys to save on the stress of having them shipped.

On the brighter side, our egg business is growing. We have been selling out of eggs for the past 3 weeks. So we started to increase our flock again. We purchased 6 month old Rhode Island crosses, much like our Red Sex Links. Not a heritage breed like our original flock but very good producers. We also purchased 13 Silkies. They have poofy hair and feet. Our youngest daughter asked for the baby chicks, who are not so little, so she’s been taking care of them. The mamas are very broody so we are hoping to hatch out some more eggs! Here’s to hoping for the best.

FFR 6 Month Old Laying Hens_edit

FFR Silkies_edit

Due to the shipping fiasco with our turkeys, we purchased a breeding trio of Bourbon Red turkeys. This is a heritage breed and may be a little bigger than our Midget White turkeys. We now have five “pet” turkeys. Our neighbor hatched two of our Midget White eggs and we would have had an additional two turkeys, but during a mating session the Tom smothered them beneath Brownie, our hen. :( Lots of death around our farm lately. One of my children’s words not mine. But I quite agree.

FFR Bourbon Red Turkeys_edit

Animals are not the only thing that has been keeping us busy. Berry picking has too. We found some mulberry bushes (more like trees to be honest) at the back of our property and we’ve been picking those pretty regularly.

FFR Mulberries_edit

Then we have been visiting area berry farms to pick strawberries and raspberries. Next on the list is blueberries! Next year we are planning on planting more berries here on the farm, as most of our plants did not produce much due to us moving them from the townhouse to the farm in the spring.

We have also been working hard to get all our fall planting done or most of it, as we will be planting more greens in a month’s time. We bought some transplants from friends’ farms to make up for our spring greenhouse disaster, which will hopefully help us have some veggies in late July/early August. The pepper plants are from one friend’s farm in Wisconsin. They were a little stressed since we did not get them planted right away. Our little ones even help in the garden.

FFR Pepper Plants_edit

We enjoy growing our own organic meat and vegetables, but it certainly is not without its challenges and hard work!

How’s your summer going?

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  1. Marcie W. says:

    I am a city girl born and bred (in Las Vegas no less) and find it absolutely fascinating to read your farm updates! I have only seen chickens and turkeys at petting zoos and have never had an actual mulberry.

  2. Donna says:

    I had a run in with a turkey as a young girl and am scared of turkeys to this day. :) Your garden looks beautiful! And I know you and your family work hard to keep a farm up.

  3. Jai says:

    I get a kick out of the way Silkie chickens look. They remind me of muppets for some reason. :) Also, I’ve heard of mulberries all my life but now I *finally* know what they look like!

  4. Donna, we’ve had run ins with roosters and some of those roosters have become rooster stew. Our Midget White Tom can act strange sometimes so the younger children are leery of him but so far so good with turkeys. Turkeys are really fun to observe. We are so into them that we’ve watched a documentary about wild turkeys! ;)

  5. Toni says:

    Aww looks like y’all are having a great summer. My moms chicken had 15 babies about 8 weeks or so ago. They are so cute and growing so well. We can’t wait for lots of eggs.

  6. Tammy says:

    We’ve been so busy with our move and all the drama surrounding it, we’ve hardly had time to breathe this summer! I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a mulberry before, so that picture is really neat to me!

  7. Colleen says:

    I can’t believe summer is half way over either. My daughter would probably be in heaven living where she could see all these animals she is such an animal lover.I think she is a country girl.

  8. I’m totally not a farm type of gal but it looks like y’all are doing a fantastic job.

  9. Glad those of you who have heard of mulberries finally get to see what they look like! We saw our first a few years ago at a friend’s house.

    Colleen, I bet your daughter is a country girl at heart or a future veterinarian!

  10. Leilani says:

    Our summer has been awesome, but probably not as awesome as yours on the farm. My girls would have a blast if we could spend the summer at a farm.

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