The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the third and last book in the Inn at Eagle Hill series. As a reminder, this is a series about an Amish family, as seen from the girl on the book cover above. The mother was widowed and started an inn to make ends meet, due some bad financial decisions on the part of her deceased husband. It is all about how the family is making the inn work and their life in their Amish community. A review of book one and book two are here and here.

It was sad to see this series come to an end. I have enjoyed getting to know Rose, Bethany, Mim, their neighbors the Kings and various other characters.

In this particular book, I really liked how Suzanne made baby Sarah a part of the story and how Tobe and Naomi triumphed through some troubled waters of their relationship.

I was disappointed that we did not get to see how Bethany and Mim’s love life ended. I mean we saw them get to know a couple of fellows but that was it. Granted, Mim is just 14 years old in this book so it is kind of hard to show who she ends up with….but it was like a cliff hanger gone wrong because the series ended with too many questions. It made me feel like the story of The Inn at Eagle Hill was left unfinished….unless she is going to start a new series and share the missing details in it. I want to know if the inn ends up being the income Rose needs to provide for her family, I want to know if Jimmy goes into the horse breeding business, I want to know if Mrs. Miracle continues to give advice, what Mim and Bethany go on to do? See? Too many questions!

Otherwise I did find it an enjoyable read since it will probably be one of the only books I read this summer.

What are you reading this summer?

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  1. Nothing here but I’m sorry to hear the series ended so abruptly. When you follow the characters, it’s nice when everything is tied up in a little bow by the end for some closure.

  2. Liz Mays says:

    I’m reading a book called Little Mercies. It’s really, really good! Yours sounds great too!

  3. I hate when you’re left with so many questions. But it sounds like a fun read.

  4. Colleen says:

    I hate when a series I’m reading ends I miss the characters.

  5. Raijean says:

    I’ve heard of this series, I’ve got to tell my sister to check it out!

  6. I also hate when a good series comes to an end. This sounds like it captivated your attention a lot.

  7. I always have a book in my hand. I’ve read several in this series.

  8. Angela says:

    This book sounds like a good read. I’ll have to read it sometime.

  9. Donna says:

    I’ve read many book series and hate when they end. Hate when any good book ends, though. I’m reading a collection of short stories by Stephen King right now.

  10. Hi Theresa–
    You guessed correctly! Working on a new series right now that carries some of the supporting cast of ‘Inn at Eagle Hill’ series forward. Thank you for reading these books and for being a part of the blog tour!
    Warmly, Suzanne

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