White Chinese Geese

We were given a pair of White Chinese Geese on Friday. They came from the same farm as our goats. We wanted to try having geese as they are good watchdogs or sentinels. We thought they would announce anything on the west side of our barn, as well as help alert the hens to hawks. So we shall see.

The children call the geese Mr. Squak and Mrs. Squeek! :)

About White Chinese Geese

They are very loud, as you will note from the video above, which we took in January at our friend’s farm. They were announcing our arrival.

Like most geese they stay with the same mate for life.

Their eggs are edible. They can lay 40-100 eggs per year. Our female goose already laid an egg but due to the low temperatures the other night, it exploded. :(

This type of goose is good for weeding. When I found that out I tucked the information away in my mind to use once we have our garden done.

White Chinese Geese are on The Livestock Conservancy watch list so we will be helping increase their numbers if we allow our geese to raise some goslings.

Geese can be quite aggressive and have very strong wings. This is a bit of concern with young children so right now we have the geese in a stall until the ground thaws enough to put fencing up for them. As it was, over the weekend the male goose (gander) hissed at my husband when he was freeing Annabeth (goat) in the next stall from getting her head wedged in her stall gate.

Our geese upset our whole barn with their honking. Not sure if the other animals have got used to them or not.

Just another interesting animal addition to our farm!

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  1. It’s so interesting to read about all the animals on your farm. I would love to have animals one day. I hope you can have some baby geese.

  2. I can’t wait to see your farm. Do the geese know what plants are weeds?

  3. Kelsey APley says:

    Congrats to the new addition to the farm!! They look really pretty! Can’t wait to see what you guys get next!!

  4. Tammy says:

    Oh my gosh – I never new laid eggs could explode because of the cold! Bizarre.

  5. Kathleen B says:

    They are beautiful, but we had a goose growing up and it was so dang mean!

  6. I know, that’s what I am afraid of but they are for watching outs. We’ll see how it goes once we get their fenced area up.

  7. I bet the kids have so much fun around the farm with all the animals.

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