Grand Opening of Grocery Store Chicago Mariano’s

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FFR Grocery Store Chicago Mariano's Lk Zurich Grand Opening

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the grand opening of a new grocery store Chicago Mariano’s in Lake Zurich. I am so excited because this puts Mariano’s even closer to us! I took two children with me and they said the new store was nice and shiny. Neither of them have ever been to Mariano’s.

I have been to three Chicagoland Mariano’s and I have to say that besides the selection of organic products offered, the courteous and friendly staff stood out to me the most – at every store. For example, last week when I went to the customer service desk to meet up with the media contact I spoke with a couple of different Mariano’s employees. Then after the tour of the store I spent well over an hour shopping before heading to check out. I met up with one of those initial staff members near the check out area. He actually remembered me and asked if I found who I was looking. As busy as it was for a grand opening, I was impressed.

I finally signed up for Mariano’s reward card since I plan to be back often and forgot the other two times. Using the sign up kiosk was really easy once an associate got me started.

Lake Zurich Mariano’s Highlights

Those of you reading for any length of time know I love shopping at Mariano’s. It’s always more than a shopping trip, it is an experience. It was no different at the new Lake Zurich store. Below are a few highlights.

The first department I always shop first is the Produce Department. Mariano’s has more than 200 organic choices! We had to buy fruit and veggies for upcoming meals and birthdays!

FFR Grocery Store Chicago Mariano's Lk Zurich Produce Dept.jpg

Mariano’s in Lake Zurich is the only store to offer a specialty balsamic vinegar and olive oil “tasting bar” with 200 different kinds of each product in its International Aisle.

FFR Grocery Store Chicago Mariano's Lk Zurich Vinegar Olive Oil bar.jpg

We love the International Aisle. It’s filled with lots of interesting products from 15 different countries and it’s actually where I found quinoa (keen-wa), an ingredient we need to make Quinoa Hamburger Soup.

Mariano’s Specialty Cheese section is a fun place to visit, featuring hundreds of artisanal, imported and domestic cheeses. Not to mention cheese sampling as well. Yummy!

FFR Grocery Store Chicago Mariano's Specialty Cheese.jpg

Mariano’s health key (TM) is helpful in finding products that are gluten-free, vegan, organic or heart healthy.

FFR Grocery Store Chicago Mariano's Lk Zurich Health Key

Meat & Seafood Department. Did you know that Mariano’s will grill your meat or seafood before you take it home? No charge. All you need to do is ask. I didn’t know this. Though I am not fond of seafood, I do like the fact that Mariano’s brings much of their Chicago seafood from shore to store within 24 hours.

FFR Grocery Store Chicago Mariano's Grill Station

There is a dietitian available for consults and education, which was also new to me.

Squeez’d smoothie bar features made-to-order yummy, nutritional fruit and vegetable smoothies, plus Mariano’s signature fresh-squeezed orange and other juices. We got to sample the fresh-squeezed orange juice and it reminded me of my summer in Costa Rica, when our hostess served us fresh-squeezed OJ each morning, just like my grandma use to when I visited her house.

The Bakery Department will make your mouth water with its delectable scents of freshly baked items. We bought sandwich bread and Italian bread.

Coffee lovers will enjoy getting their morning cuppa at Mariano’s Vero coffee shop with authentic Italian coffee and gelato. Shhh….but I’ve never had gelato.

Mariano’s sure was busy and we even visited first thing in the morning! I was very happy it had ample parking and lots of carts, including little red children’s carts – so cute to see little ones helping their moms shop!

You can learn more about Mariano’s by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter.

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  1. Ooh, I’ll stop by when I’m in the neighborhood :)

  2. Shell Feis says:

    That store looks AMAZING. I wish they had them out here!

  3. I wish we had Marianos in my area, been there many times when I traveled. Beautiful store!

  4. I wish we had one here! Looks awesome!

  5. Wow what an amazing looking store. Wish we had one here.

  6. Kelsey Apley says:

    WOW that looks like one Awesome store!!! I wish they would bring one my way, cause I would shop their non-stop I think!!!

  7. Tammy says:

    We don’t have Mariano’s where we live, but oh that Olive Oil bar – I need to find a store here that has something like that – how neat!

  8. I’m so jealous you have those in your area. I love their HealthKey system!

  9. I’ve heard so much about Mariano’s and I wish they’d open one up near us. I love the clear labeling. It makes it a lot easier to find new things even if you have a food sensitivity or allergy.

  10. I’m so jealous. We are so far away from anything like this. We want to visit Chicago some day soon. Maybe we’ll visit Mariano’s just for fun.

  11. Jenn says:

    We don’t have anything like this in our rural town. Looks amazing!

  12. HilLesha says:

    I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m in Chicago. :)

  13. Donna says:

    I so wish we would get a Marianos in our area!

  14. Look like an amazing place to shop. Wish we had one in Cali.

  15. i wish they would start opening these in my area.

  16. I wish these were out west. Looks like they have some great selections for organic products which I love.

  17. Mickey says:

    That looks really nice! I wish we had one here.

  18. Looks like an awesome store! I wish there was one closer.

  19. Lolo says:

    I love their health key labeling.

  20. so exciting!!! We have one opening local sometime this summer. NOT ONly do I want to do all my shopping there but I want to get a job there too. I luv that store

  21. Toni says:

    We don’t have any of those here, but it looks like a great place to shop

  22. Angela says:

    Mariano’s looks like a great place to shop. Over 200 organic produce items is fantastic!

  23. Kathleen says:

    That looks like such a good store, wish we had one going up by us.

  24. Raijean says:

    Yes, I love Mariano’s went to the store opening on 16th and I’ve been in love ever since.

  25. Summer Davis says:

    I have a million things to say right now. Chocolate Balsamic? YUM! Cheese bar? SERIOUSLY!? 200 Organic produce choices? AMAZING! I Just keep finding more and more reasons to want to move to Chicago, all because of one grocery store. I can’t get over the fact that there is a nutritionist there AND that they will cook your meat for you! What a huge relief that would be for a stressed out and busy mom looking to provide healthy food for her family. WOW! #client

  26. Colleen says:

    The fruits look nice and inviting I’ve never heard of this store.

  27. OH, MY goodness!!!! That Olive Oil section alone looks AMAZING!

  28. Marcie W. says:

    I sure wish we has a Marianos in our area. We’re a big fan of tasting bars and my husband would flip for the vinegar and olive oil selections!

  29. Vanessa R. says:

    The ones downtown also have a wine bar and a gelato bar, not to mention their homemade soups and great salad bar. I love Mariano’s and can’t wait for the one at Sheridan and Foster to open!

  30. Ali says:

    ” balsamic vinegar and olive oil “tasting bar”. Wow! I’ve never heard of that before, my husband would love that! These Mariano’s stores are such an experience! #client

  31. I’ve been reading so much about these stores and wish they were down south.

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