Week #4 Saturday Top Five Laughs – Join the Blog Hop!

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I think I did better writing down funny things as they happened this week so it is officially time to laugh with the Goulds again! We have joined The Mommyhood Chronicles for Week #3 – for us – in the Saturday Top Five Laughs of the week.

5. We were discussing what to do with the eggs from the day and probably throughout the week since the little ones haven’t been good at being thorough in their egg gathering! I suggested we not wash the eggs so they’d last longer and keep them for us. My husband proceeded to tell our daughter to put a “U” on a piece of paper and put the paper on the egg cartons in the fridge. My daughter went, “Huh? A “U”?” My husband and I said at the same time, “Yes, for us/unwashed.” She goes, “Why not WW for us unwashed?” Baffled we said, “WW?” and laughed. Then she clued in, laughed and put her head on the table!

4. I was working on photos for a blog post, the rest of the family was playing RISK and my little guy was in my chair with me singing in my ear and giving me kisses. I have no idea what he was singing but it was cute…until he took my glasses off my face and covered my eyes with his hand!

3. This week my little guy has been asking me, “You my mommy?” I always respond, “Yes, I’m your mommy” then he gives me a hug and kiss. After a few times I started asking him, “Are you my baby boy?” and he responds with, “Yep!” Sweet times! :)

2. My second oldest, “B” and I stayed up a couple nights and played with the kittens. We just laughed at their antics as they chased anything that moved. Boy are their nails sharp!

1. I was sitting on the computer writing this blog post eating a bowl of blueberries and my third daughter was sitting next to me. Then she says, “Mommy I think I flicked boogers in your blueberries.” I was like, “What!?” Then she laughed. Mean. Mean. Mean girl. She just read this and laughed again. Evil I tell you!

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  1. Shell Feis says:

    Sounds like a week full of laughter! &Man, I do NOT miss kitten nails.

  2. Colleen says:

    Kids can do and say the sweetest things.

  3. Angela says:

    Your house is full of laughter! At least your daughter warned you about the blueberries so you didn’t continue eating them!

  4. Oh, those are sweet :) My sons say cute things too, LOVE it!

  5. Kids always come up with some great ones!

  6. Marcie W. says:

    Those sweet moments with kids are just priceless! You can gladly share those fresh eggs with us here in the city.

  7. I especially love your conversations with your little man! Too sweet!

  8. Tammy says:

    sounds like you guys had a lot of wonderful family moments this week :) What blessings!

  9. Ha ha she sounds like a sweetie!

  10. Donna says:

    Hahahahahaha! The boogers in he blueberries cracked me up!

  11. mel says:

    Haha-WW. I probably would have blurted out the same thing! Can’t do too much with your eyes covered lol! So sweet- you my mommy and baby boy! Love these!

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