A May Baby?! – Wordless Wednesday

Nope, it isn’t me that’s having a baby. It’s little Miss Moo! Well, hopefully. We had the vet (Dr. M) out on Saturday for a meet and greet. Kind of ridiculous but we have three vets, one for the horse, one for the cow and one for the cow and dog. Anyways, we’ll figure that all out later and hopefully narrow it down to one eventually! I wanted this vet to look at Miss Moo because we’ve been having a hard time putting weight on her. She came to us thin and while she’s gained some, she still isn’t where she should be and we’ve had a friend telling us she’s too thin and of course people driving by call Animal Control. So now I can say we’ve had her looked at by two vets who say while she’s a bit thin, she’s fine or she’s healthy and happy. Whew! That’s a load off my plate. Not only do I have children to worry about but now I have our animals! Oy, oy, oy!

Miss Moo 1-81813 FFR

A May Baby

This week the calendar indicated Miss Moo’s heat was due. We were kind of disappointed to find out that it takes a week to get bull semen straws for AI (artificial insemination). Then as “fate” would have it I get into a conversation on Facebook with Miss Moo’s second owner, who shared that she still had a straw left in Dr. M’s tank (they freeze bull semen and keep it in a freezer tank that he carries around) from the last time Miss Moo was bred and would I like to buy it!? I said sure, of course.

So when our daughter “B” told me yesterday that Miss Moo was showing signs of her heat cycle I put in a call to Dr. M. He came out yesterday afternoon checked her and confirmed she was in heat, he AI’d her with “Grumpy” a Guernsey bull that two of our cow friends have recommended.

If the AI “sticks” we will have a May baby calf! We are kind of hoping for a heifer calf (female) as Dr. M suggested thinking about replacing Miss Moo since it takes a couple of years. Miss Moo is such a sweet cow we’d love to have one of her heifers so that’s what we are praying for! We want to try raising beef sometime in the future too but have to finish our fencing, which is a whole ‘nother blog topic or two!

For now, I told my husband if I’m not having any more babies I’m going to be excited and plan for farm babies! ;) He just kind of looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head. Nah, just kidding! He likes Miss Moo too. :)

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  1. Marcie W. says:

    My daddy grew up on a farm and helped deliver many lambs, along with a calf or two. I couldn’t imagine that being a part of my life but I hope your sweet cow is preggers!

  2. Amber K says:

    I’ve always wanted to live on my farm and help birth animals. BUT, I got squeamish when my cat had her litter so I’m pretty sure that’s out of the question.

  3. That is so cool!! We still need to come out and visit you!

  4. Mellisa says:

    How fun!!! I would love to live on a farm.

  5. Maybe she’ll pick up a little bit of extra weight if she gets pregnant. How long does it take for you to know if it worked?

  6. How cool. I think cows are adorable. Hence why I don’t really eat beef. I feel so guilty.

  7. Well, Liz, we could know in 21 days since a cow cycles in 18-24 day range and Eclipse has been pretty consistent the past three months, thanks to my daughter’s keen eye. But I’m not sure that will be full proof, even if we see no proof for two months because the first month or two we missed the signs. The vet will come back and check in 60 days and that will tell us for sure as he will do an internal exam. It’s going to be a l-o-n-g 60 days! (wry smile)

    And that’s what the vet seems to think that when we dry her up in December she’ll be able to focus on putting on weight from January to May. So I am really hoping. Hoping she continues to gain now but know she’s busy producing 2 gallons of milk for us each day so she’s probably using a lot of her energy towards production. We are working on getting her some better hay too if we can sell some of ours.

  8. Thanks, Marcie. How cool your dad grew up on a farm. Bet he has lots of stories to tell!

  9. Yes, you do, Paula! You should come next spring if we have a calf. Right now we have baby Silkie chicks but that’s all the babies. Maybe spring time will be full of new farm babies! But you are welcome any time just shoot me a FB message or email and we can set something up. We are usually home and pretty flexible with our schedule.

  10. Amber, I’m sure it’s a learned thing you know? I don’t think we have it all together all at once.

  11. Mellisa, it’s a lot of work but it is a lot of fun too!

  12. My kids would think your house is the coolest place ever! Cows and a horse!

  13. Oh and Jennifer, don’t forget the nearly 100 laying hens, 25 turkeys and nearly 100 broilers (chickens for meat), plus 3 cats and a dog! ;)

  14. Kira says:

    Can’t wait to hear the result, hope you get a female.

  15. My daughter said when she grows up she wants to live on a farm and raise farm animals. She really dislikes the city and I can’t say that I blame her.

  16. Awww….how cute, Ty! One of our girls said that when she was little and now at 14 she still wants to live on a farm when she grows up. I have to say I can see it happening.

  17. How neat is that. I don’t know what it is but I think cows are so cute.

  18. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the AI sticks.

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