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Our family tries really hard to watch our eating habits. We read labels and purchase organic, all natural, locally grown food as much as possible. We also do not buy a lot of convenience foods. Usually our convenience foods are a treat for trips or day outings. We bake and cook from scratch, unless our food co-op has some nice quick meals for those nights we just do not want to cook or have a busy day and need something quick and easy. If you are  a mom who looks for all natural snacks, without preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs or lots of sugar, dyes and additives, then Buddy Fruits is a cute little snack option for your children.

We took our Buddy Fruits on our trip to Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and we loved them. There are five flavors for their pure blended fruits, which is a little pouch with a plastic screw top and pretty much like pureed fruit. This is a great solution for children with small appetites and cannot finish their snack in one sitting. Simply screw the top on and a little later when their tummy is hungry they can finish off their Buddy Fruit. The five flavors include Apple & Multifruit, Apple & Banana, Apple & Cinnamon, Apple & Strawberry, Mango Passion & Banana. The only one some of the children were not crazy over was the Mango.

I loved the ease of use, the lack of spills or need of spoons for these snacks while traveling. Even baby could eat them right from the package! Little bit messy for him, but it still was easy to feed him while on the road.

Here’s the ingredients from the Apple & Multifruit:

Apple, banana, passion fruit juice, mango, strawberry, concentrated apple juice.

That’s it.

The other Buddy Fruit snacks are pure fruit bites. Very similar to gummies, BUT they are ALL fruit! No added anything. They come in four flavors: Orange, Pomegranate & Acai, Apple and Raspberry. Can you say yummy! They were another hit. These are not listed on Buddy Fruits’ website but are available on Amazon, as are the blended Buddy Fruits.

Here’s what is in the Raspberry pure fruit bites:

Fruits extract, apple juice concentrate, apple puree concentrate, raspberry juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin, glazing agent.

And it says it may contain traces of wheat starch.

A huge two thumbs up from our family on Buddy Fruits. I am hoping to stock up for our trips to the farm this summer for something easy to take with us on the run.

For more information about Buddy Fruits and their company, please visit www.BuddyFruits.com

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Thanks and have fun!

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