Homemade Convenience Foods Book Review

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Here’s an eye opener.  According to Marcia Washburn’s book, “Research shows that by age 45, the average woman has spent 50,000 hours in the kitchen.  That figures up to 3124 days of her waking hours feeding and cleaning up after those she loves!”  Cough, gasp…  EXCUSE ME!  I love to cook, but I’m with Marcia.

Here’s what Marcia’s website site www.marciawashburn.com says about her new book, Homemade Convenienve Foods.

Homemade Convenience Foods is not once-a-month cooking or frozen pizzas or carry-out burgers, but a simple method that even never-cooked-much-before college kids and newlyweds can easily learn to implement.

The Homemade Convenience Foods system is perfect for busy homeschool moms, those who work away from home, and empty-nesters who need motivation to cook for just one or two people.

Homemade Convenience Foods even teaches you how to avoid those last-minute grocery runs that cost you so much time and money. With this system, you will always have the ingredients on hand to prepare at least a dozen different menus. Even drop-in guests won’t faze you.”

About Marcia and Why She Wrote This Book

“Three home-based businesses, church and community activities, homeschooling, and the growing appetites of five boys forced me to learn shortcuts in the kitchen.  By trial and error, I developed a system that allows me to serve inexpensive, good tasting, nutritious food in fifteen minutes or less without spending a whole weekend cooking each month.  This was not gourmet food, just hardy meals to fill those “eating machines” grazing through my kitchen.”

About Homemade Convenience Foods

Marcia has developed a method that will stock your freezer, cupboard and refrigerator.  As well as giving you a list of the equipment needed, which is very few items.  She also includes a few tips along the way.

My Review

We all have those days that we stand in the kitchen or stare into the freezer (I’m famous for that one) wondering what I am going to feed everyone. I’m definitely trying this out. Marcia includes yummy recipes in her book.  I’m not talking tacos and hamburgers.  She has recipes for goulash, chili, quick beef stroganoff, and others.  I already started my list for my next grocery trip. I already do a few things she suggests. I buy ground meat, cook and freeze it. It works great for tomato sauce. I don’t want to giveaway all her methods, tips or tricks. 

Go to her website at http://www.marciawashburn.com and buy Homemade Convenience Foods. It’s only $5.95 for print and e-book (add $2.00 for S/H for print editions).  Also, don’t forget wedding, baby showers, birthdays for friends and relatives!  Everyone could use this book. It makes a great addition to my cookbook collection.

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  1. […] Homemade Convenience Foods Book Review | Faith and Family Reviews […]

  2. I love the idea of avoiding those last minute grocery runs. This book is intriguing!

  3. Wow, it sounds like a great book and super cheap too.

  4. This definitely sounds like a book I need!! Great review :)

  5. monique says:

    I’m itnerested in this book, but I would need more information on WHAT it contains. Unfortunately, I don’t see much more information on her website.

  6. this is PERFECT for my mom! She is always saying she wants to cook but can’t figure out how to stop cooking for 5 kids now that she is the only one at home. Thanks!!

  7. Monique, she lists different ways to prepare foods in advance, pages 1-15 gives a list of freezer items to have on hand, as well as a list for your pantry and refrigerator. One thing I noted, we do not eat canned soups much, so those would have to be substituted, as would canned beans. We buy our beans in bulk, wash, soak and cook them. We will do up a huge stock pot so we can have at least a second meal in the freezer. A new 8 qt. pot is on its way so we will be able to freeze more than just one extra meal.

    We do not use canned veggies much either, but having extra frozen veggies on hand would replace them.

    Pages 16-34 are recipes.

    Hope that helps!

    The e-book is only 34 pages long and a quick read at an inexpensive price.

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