A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley

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A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley

A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley is the second book in the Logan Point series. You can read my review of the first book, Shadows of the Past here. These are Romantic Suspense novels from a Christian point of view.

Leigh Somerall is one of the main characters and her years of deceit kept me rooting for her to come out with the truth. Sheriff Ben Logan was the “hero” of the story, though, certain characters seemed bent on keeping him from remaining Sheriff of Logan Point. I loved the small town of Logan Point and how the town worked together and looked out for each other, with the exception of a few oddball characters.

I liked relationship Leigh developed with the Logan family. I despised the senseless acts of violence by the villains.

I could not relate to Leigh’s deceitfulness but I could relate to Ben’s effort to forgive himself and others. It was good to see these two characters work through their issues and come to a happy place in their lives.

I know I read so many of these books in the course of a year that I feel very repetitious! They are my mindless candy reads, I don’t have to think other than who the suspect, villain or murderer is, so these books are more for my entertainment than anything else. I get my intellectual reads elsewhere and I do not generally blog about them because it takes me much longer to get through those kinds of books!

While the romance aspect is generally predictable, the suspenseful plot did keep me guessing with its twists and turns. I was kept wanting to read to find out the who, what, when and where part of the mystery.

Overall, I liked the book, though I have not decided if it would be one I would read again.

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