Financial Literacy Guide for Women

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I have always been a part of our finances from budgeting, saving, spending and investing (what little investing we’ve done). Yet I wouldn’t say that I was completely confidence in my financial literacy. Strange isn’t it? It was really interesting reading through the guide Financial Literacy and the Gender Gap.

Financial Literacy for Women graphic

Financial Literacy Guide for Women

In this financial literacy guide it states that women on average will live five years longer then men, which I knew because I have a mother, mother-in-law, an aunt, an aunt by marriage who are all widows. At one point in my life (around 2010) I had seven widows in my life and knew I’d probably end up in the same position later in life. That’s when I started talking to my husband about how we’d survive if anything happened to him now that we are getting older. I’m entering my mid-40’s and he’ll be 50 in less than two years. We are still working on our financial health… since things don’t always go as planned and unemployment threw us for a loop twice in the last six years.

Three Tips from the Financial Literacy Guide for Women

It made me feel good that the three tips given in the guide are things we are doing and working towards. Here are those tips:

1. Organize your financial paper work.

2. Track your income and spending.

3. Create a savings and investment plan.

At the end of the four page guide it tells you how to create a budget. I use to live by a budget pretty strictly, now not so much. I know we need to get back to budgeting as we work towards stabilizing our finances and I learn to become more confident in my own financial literacy.

You can download this guide too by liking David Lerner Associates Facebook page:

If you are a woman, what are you doing to become financially literate?

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  1. Raijean says:

    Love this, I’ve always been responsible for the finances so these are great tips.

  2. Angela says:

    I need this financial literacy guide for sure. I can’t depend on Social Security when I retire.

  3. Marcie W. says:

    I think we (my husband and I) do a great job managing our finances. We really need to concentrate on saving more for retirement though.

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