Animal Control Visit….Again

This occurred and was written yesterday.

I was right. Remember the other day I told you about our Animal Control visit, here and here? Animal Control was out again today. The officer was very nice and she said they get at least a call a week about us – or should I say the dog and the chickens. But because she knows there’s nothing going on she doesn’t come out. She’s the same one that came out last June and who drives by our house when she visits her horse at the barn she boards it at. This time she did have to come to check it out because someone reported the dog having duct tape on his paws???

Padfoot in his doghouse 1
He’s sad that Animal Control came again and decided to use his house so people would see that he does indeed fit in it! And look the children put more hay in his house when they moved it and some of it actually stayed in!

Here’s the real story. Last week Padfoot broke his plastic covered steel cable that we keep him tied on, so we let him go loose for a while. That was the same day he killed a chicken. When I went to tie him up after his naughtiness the steel was showing through where it broke, it was like steel wool and sharp. I cut my fingers on it trying to re-tie it and knew if we kept the cable like it was it would cut Padfoot too. So because I was needed in the house I sent my daughter out to cover the steel part with duct tape so he wouldn’t get cut. There was no duct tape on his paws. That’s the story I told her too.

Padfoot in doghouse 2
He’s wondering when people will start minding their own business and just let us live life together without these cold interruptions.

Today she also took a photo of his paws – duct tape free mind you – and his house, as people driving by don’t think his house is big enough for him and she said it is. We are all clear there. Whew. She wanted proof to take back that she did indeed check things out. Hopefully she’ll put them in our file so they can refer back to it, especially in case any new Animal control officers come on board.

Thankfully Animal Control realizes we live on a busy road and also realize there’s nothing going on here that shouldn’t be, but still it’s a waste of their time and ours for them to have to keep checking us out when I am sure there are animals out there truly neglected, starving and being treated cruelly who need their time and help.

So how has your week been? Any interesting knocks on your door lately?

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  1. Sheri says:

    I’m sorry people are being like that! He is a very cute dog, and I bet they saw his silver looking paws and jumped to conclusions.

  2. That could be too, Sheri. It’s just a little frustrating and rather than be angry I am trying to find the humor in it all.

  3. HilLesha says:

    What a cute dog! :)

  4. Mellsa says:

    Ahhh he is a cute dog. Hopefully no more visits from Animal Control! :)

  5. Courtney says:

    aww what a precious pup!

  6. Mom Foodie says:

    I’m guessing someone thought the light color on his paws was duct tape at a quick glance. I’m guessing the majority of calls are coming from the same person though.

  7. We love his markings. White with black dots. We think they are very unique.

    I never thought that all of the calls would come from one person…but that makes sense. I wonder if Animal Control discovered that too. She didn’t say, but with caller id and if the same people are in the office surely with that many calls the caller’s voice would be recognized too.

    It would have to be a quick glance with how fast they travel down the road. (wry smile)

  8. That’s what we’re hoping Mellsa. :)

  9. Colleen says:

    I”m glad it all worked out.

  10. Why can’t people mind their own business? He’s adorable!

  11. Jennifer says:

    really?! People are just so nosy

  12. Stefani says:

    It is sad that people are noisy and can’t leave you alone.

  13. Honestly, I am glad that people are calling animal control out of concern for your animals. Even though you aren’t doing anything wrong, it takes what, 20 minutes to show them the dog? Even though they are taking 20 minutes out of your day, this whole ordeal means that they are also being called on REAL animal abuse situations. As long as people CARE about the animals, that makes me happy.

  14. But Jenn really it has to be much of the same people who travel on our road. 20 minutes out of our day three times in the last seven months is an hour not spent with our family or getting things done around our home and farm or with our children. You really want Animal Control investigating families with whom they’ve already deemed not doing anything wrong? In my book that’s the same as calling the police on someone you *think* might be abusing children or using drugs. I would have to have a lot more proof to make any calls like that. I think people with your opinion need to put themselves in our shoes and think about how you would feel if your neighbors called Animal Control on you and see how you like it. Seriously. I know I have a lot more in my plate to be concerned about than the next Animal Control visit.

  15. And really we have been very accommodating but why should we be subject to other people’s varying opinions and be under their thumb because of how they think our animals should be treated. Like we haven’t done our research. Seriously it puts a burr in my bonnet that we can’t take care of our animals the way we deem best because of people being nosey during their two second drive by going 50 mph. Like they can see a whole heck of a lot in that time. Ugh.

  16. I guess that is what happens when you live on a busy street

  17. Yep, Penelope, that’s what happens and if it wasn’t for the fact that we want to use our location to our advantage with a farm stand we would not have renewed our lease. We would have found some other obscure piece of property and actually did; but we really like our landlords, our house and the location for a farm stand. It’s this particular subject that is what we dislike about living here.

  18. Wow, that really bites that one of your neighbors is trying to get you in trouble. Seriously don’t they have any thing else to do. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

  19. Toni says:

    Maybe animal control needs to call these people back and let them know you are not harming your sweet padfoot, if it is the same person calling I think they should so maybe that would stop the nosy people calling. I am like Jenn glad they come out and check because some animal control places dont’ do their job and animals get abused and neglected. I am sorry you have to deal with getting visited but like Jenn said at least they are doing their job. :)

  20. Marcie W. says:

    I am always Team Padfoot!

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