The High Calling Review

I recently had the opportunity to read The High Calling newsletter. It is a weekly newsletter centering around articles about “every day conversations about work, life and God.” Below you will find The High Calling review that I wrote. I chose to review the October 24, 2012 issue.

The High Calling Review

The articles in The High Calling newsletter are short and to the point, almost leaving me with a hunger for just a little bit more. I really liked these articles in particular:

Gratitude as a Business Strategy by Dena Dyer was enlightening and encouraging as I thought about our little business ventures and I especially liked this:

Proverbs seems to agree, according to chapter 16, verse 25 (New Life Version): “The man who gives much will have much, and he who helps others will be helped himself.”

Stop Waiting for God to Tell You What to Do With Your Life
by David Rupert was something I could relate to and testify as true because there have been many times my husband and I have just taken what we call a “leap of faith” and God has assuredly met us on the other side.

I believe God joins us only when we take that initial risk. If you have a tiny twinge of passion toward anything, you have to jump right through it on your own. It is there that God will meet you.

The High Calling newsletter covers many topics from work, community and culture to family, faith and attitude. These subjects are covered in the form of articles, videos and audio. I encourage you to check it out and see what nuggets you find to inspire and encourage you.

Faith and Family Reviews reviewed The High Calling in exchange for an Amazon Gift card. While we consider it a privilege to receive compensation for reviews, our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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