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Shopping for land has been a long and frustrating process for us – because it’s hard to find affordable land where we desire to live. For years we have looked for land and houses in several states. We have looked for land by itself and land that includes a house. Kind of important to have a place to live too as my husband isn’t into camping. There have been several properties we would have loved to have owned but only a few we inquired about.

We have mainly looked for land online, occasionally we’ve used a newspaper, but not very often. We used to years ago, but we’ve become heavy internet users so it’s our go-to place for everything these days, even real estate. The cost of taking a trip to see land in another state, the cost of a move and homeschooling laws (they vary from state to state) and my mother-in-law have always kept us in Illinois. That’s a huge reason we became open to simply renting land so we could stay in Illinois – Land in Illinois is very expensive.

There are a couple regular sites we visit for real estate and land, but we recently learned of a new one for land called The site itself is easy to navigate and the information for each listing is an easy to read. They even have an e-newsletter that sends out alerts when property becomes available in your area. The only downfall I see right now is there are no listings for Illinois. Looks like they are working on it though.

LandCentral Sweepstakes

There’s a big giveaway for LAND going on through sweepstakes. The winner will receive their choice of one of five properties in the US. The giveaway runs from October 1-31.

For years we have wanted to go to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon, but have yet to. We have looked at a few properties there as I’d love to live some place warm or hot in the case of Arizona! California or Florida would be nice too, except for the earthquakes and hurricanes. Those kind of scare us, but I give people credit who do live with those two things on a daily or seasonal basis. (Joy, Toni, Colleen you all come to mind right now!)

Click this link or the button above or below to enter to win some land of your own. It’s a Rafflecopter form you can fill in as much or as little as you want. The winner of the LandCentral sweepstakes will have their choice of land in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California or Florida.

Happy entering!

I wrote this post for the opportunity to be chosen to write on a monthly basis for

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  1. What an awesome opportunity, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenn says:

    I’d love to have land in eastern Tennessee. It’s gorgeous!

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