My Little Guys – Wordless Wednesday

What can I say? I love my little guys, like I do all my children. All of them are growing up way too fast. These are photos of my little guys and some of their animal pals from the past couple of weeks

I’m about as proud of my boys/children as these puffed up turkeys! ;)

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  1. Awww, such cute photos. It looks like they really enjoy farm life.

  2. Aw, your little boys are so cute! And your chickens are so fluffy!

  3. Jenn says:

    Hehe. I love that they are chicken-wranglers.

  4. OMG how in the heck do they pick up the chickens? What little cuties you have!! I still have not picked up my chickens :-(

  5. Crystal, all the children are enjoying farm life. It’s been so fun watching them acclimate to having animals. To be honest, I think they’d all prefer more animals to doing vegetables!

    Jenn @therebelchick yes they are!

    Jenn, they are good at wrangling those chickens. Now Junior, I don’t think he caught the Buff Orpington (yellow/orange one) he’s holding, I think one of the girls gave it to him because he wanted to help and they are too fast for him to catch.

    April, I don’t usually pick up any of the animals, except the dog. I talk to them all though. The children are very good, seriously. I am so proud of them, I could be one of those turkeys you see! :-) They even catch and pick up the turkeys as big as they are getting! They did learn a trick when they caught the broilers for meat processing a couple of weeks ago – grab them by the feet and hold them upside down. They only have to do that with our harder to catch hens and rooster, which happen to be the Buff Orpingtons (yellow/orange).

  6. Stefani says:

    Cute photos! I used to want a farm but been stuck in the suburbs my whole life.

  7. Stefani, I lived in the country for 24 years, then lived in the suburbs for 17 and am finally back to my roots. Not that we had turkeys or hens growing up but we had dogs, cats, and rabbits. Then when I was older my mom had some birds – my mom is a real animal lover – which is where our children probably get it from! ;)

  8. Donna says:

    What great pictures! I really enjoyed seeing them enjoy their animals. :)

  9. Leilani says:

    LOVE the picture on the horse!

  10. Lolo says:

    That picture of them on the horse is so cute!

  11. Kathleen says:

    They are so adorable and so brave holding those chickens!

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