Catch Up Time With Motivation Monday on Tuesday

It’s been a while since I wrote a Motivation Monday post, so that’s why I titled this “Catch up Time With Motivation Monday” because it is time to catch up. So much for taking some time off from blogging this summer, this past month just seems to be so very busy. Not just for this blog, but also for my VA business. When it rains it pours, but it’s a blessing to be busy, to have work and to be healthy enough to work. It’s just stretching my time management skills that’s all. Ha!

Not to mention all the events and promotions we have coming up for our Young Living business and our fledgling farm.

More Farm News

My husband and I are still so impressed with the farmer we met on Sunday. True to his word, he sent over all the information he said he would yesterday morning. I have been working on a farm listing, called an insurance agent regarding farm insurance and have a date on the calendar to learn about chicken processing and to process our own turkeys. Oh and we now have upgraded housing for our laying hens – thanks to this new farmer friend! We have been deliberating over what we were going to do since our nesting box won’t fit in their moveable pens, which were just a short-term fix until they started laying. Our laying hens should start to lay soon so we have to pick up the larger moveable coop soon. Our moveable coops were/are for our broilers (meat chickens), which we now plan to do next year. So next year we will be able to do about 100 broilers at a time and do several batches of them, now that we have some networking happening. Funny to think that I am excited about raising chickens when I never thought we’d ever have any animals. Nevertheless, I do find it all very exciting.

Our Midget White turkeys are doing well. Not having raised them before we worry sometimes if they are gaining enough. Then other days when we go out there a couple of the plumper ones make our mouths water at the thought of roasted turkey! Yummy! That’s the difference between my husband and I, and our children – we look at our livestock as food, not pets.

Townhouse Update

All the cosmetic work is finally done on our townhouse. I am hoping to get some new photos and I’ll have to post some before and afters or something. We just loose ends to tie up and we have to finish cleaning out the garage and bring our second fridge and freezers over now that they are nearly empty. Now I have to start marketing it again or we’ll need to list it with an agent to see if we can sell it. Decisions, decision, decisions.

“In every deliberation, one must consider the impact on the seventh generation”
-Great Law of the Iroquois

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  1. I’m really glad that man gave you all the helpful info that he did! Good luck with it all!

  2. Awesome finding a “human resource”, so to speak. We just moved into your new home and it has a set of LARGE pens on one side of the home — I think they could be easily adapted for chickens. I’m hoping we can start that process this fall/spring.

  3. Rachel, that’s awesome you have some equipment at your disposal and room to have chickens! If you do laying hens, you’d have eggs by springtime! I am thinking about increasing our flock especially now that we have someone who can refer his overflow to, it just makes it less risky in my mind. Our new farmer friend says he’s even making money off his eggs. He’s the first one to tell us that. He has ideas on how we can reduce our organic feed costs etc. I just get psyched thinking about it! :-) Please keep me posted when you get started because I want to hear all about it!

    Thanks, Liz! He truly is a “human resource” as Rachel said. I felt like we learned more from him than we did in our last three years with our growers group….that doesn’t say much for our growers group but they all seem less willing to talk openly and share.

  4. Donna says:

    I’ve thought about raising chickens, but my hubby hasn’t caved, yet. :)

  5. Donna, sometimes those hubbies take a little more time. It took mine years, literally, to be open to even moving to the country and then raising our own food just came as a progression of that and our goals as a family. Don’t lose hope yet!

  6. Jenn says:

    Love that second picture of the rooster. He’s like “what are you looking at?” Reminds me I haven’t fed the girls today. Going to toss them some feed!

  7. I know, I thought that was cool. My third daughter actually captured that with my iPhone, believe it or not.

  8. Jennifer says:

    chickens scare me so bad. I don’t think I could raise them

  9. Your black and white chickens are so pretty! My neighbors have chickens (illegal in the city but they hide them) but they are ugly. LOL

  10. Jennifer, I have to admit to being scared the chickens will peck my legs. That’s why I like tall rubber boots, but I don’t wear rubber boots in the summer time, I wear crocs!

    Jenn, they are very pretty. They are Barred Plymouth Rock. They are very gentle too, even the roosters. Our kids are wary of our Buff Orpington Rooster (the orange colored ones, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post – the rooster that is!) :)

  11. That’s great that you found someone to help out. That’s always a blessing.

  12. Billie says:

    I love the pictures, great shots. I would bond too much with the animals though and I love eating meat so best that I let other people keep them.

  13. Billie, some of the children have bonded with the laying hens, so it’s not so much an issue since we’ll keep them until they stop laying. It may become and issue for some of the children after 18 months to two years we start to process them for stew birds. :-(

    No love-loss over the turkeys though. I know they are intelligent in some way, but have yet to see it. We consider them quite stupid.

    They are Connie.

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