Toys for My Boys

In a consumer driven age it’s hard to keep “the stuff” at bay. I have always been one to go through my belongings and get rid of stuff. I can thank my mom for that trait or habit. Our home growing up was never cluttered with stuff and that’s the way I have strived to be, I just have double the people my mom did. It gets tougher when you have eight children, especially when they are home every day. Some of you have the advantage of purging while your kids are at school, I don’t have that luxury. I can’t throw out things they really want to keep, but are useless and take up space. You know all those little trinkets, drawings. They are wonderful but I can’t keep every single one my eight children make or I’d live in paperville! Thankfully, the older my children get the better they are becoming about keeping things to a minimum – that does not mean they are neat about it though!

We have always been on the conservative side of toys too – didn’t want to live in toyville either! So when our children receive toys it is usually something that they have really talked about or we thought they would play with it long term, a figure or little people or an educational toy.

People figures have always been a favorite in our house and something our children never really get tired of playing. Our children recently saw a transformers trailer and so we thought our four year old would enjoy playing with the Transformers Rescue Bot. It is really easy to transform and both our little boys love playing with it. It retails for $12.99.

Here’s a little video with my daughter showing how it works before we let the little boys have it, as I didn’t want to have to hunt for it!

Now my littlest guy gets a kick out of the Playskool Poppin’ Park Squeezn’n Pop lion toy. It’s this little toy lion that has a circle mouth where you can place a ball, then you squeeze and out pops the ball! Junior laughs every time. This is a toy for little ones 18 months and up.

Love these new toys for my boys!

Have your children received any new toys lately? If so, what?

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  1. The girl doesn’t rally ask for toys unless she sees a commercial but she prefers my iPhone and netbook. LOL!

  2. Kelly says:

    The Little just got a table with all these buttons that makes music for his birthday and he loves it. I really don’t like a lot of clutter also.

  3. Oh that’s the truth. My almost two year old, if I give him a little bit of time on my iPhone then he’s like so upset when I take it away. Very obsessive and I have to really work at not allowing him to be because it’s not good for him….it just happens that it’s easy entertainment sometimes for him so I can get work done and my girls can get a break from him. Sad but true.

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