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I am always hesitant to read parenting books because after being a parent for so long you kind of get into your own groove. Our groove tends to be very different from most, as it should be because every family, every child and every parent is different. None of us are cookie cutter parents or we shouldn’t be! We each have to develop our own style of parenting that fits us as individuals and our children.

Book Reviews

You all know that I do a fair amount of book reviews, but I do not do a lot of parenting books. Guess they scare me! Ha! No seriously. When I was a young mom I tended to want to do what every good parenting book said but parenting just does not work like that. I gradually learned that we get ideas from other parents, books etc. but we tweak them to make it work for our individual family.

Food Fights

Food Fights is the book I mentioned at the beginning of the week and shared a juicy update about. It offers parenting tips on how to pick food battles, dealing with the mine fields of TV dinners, fast food, eating out, sick kids and so much more. This book is written by two pediatricians, Dr. Laura A. Jana and Dr. Jennifer Shu. I know how picky some children can be and thought this book would be a great one to share.

What I Liked

The facts they shared throughout the book were very interesting and helpful.

It has a beautiful cover of a darling baby.

Spoke out against feeding kids junk food, soda pop and sugary juices.

Encouragement to feed your children fresh fruits and veggies.

Supportive of breastfeeding.

They were concerned with childhood obesity, but our food system has a huge part in that! Read labels!

What I Didn’t LikeBeware I go into a tangent!

The book discourages breastfeeding your child at bedtime/naptime. This one gets me riled up! I have breastfed eight children for 1-3 years each and have breastfed them all to sleep at some point or another and it DOES NOT make them dependent. Babies and children are already dependent for pity sake! Arggggh……..’Nough said.

Ok, I realize this next one is a can of worms in certain circles – what kind of milk do you serve your children? Rhetorical no need to answer, however, have you ever heard of not feeding children over 2 whole milk, only skim? Hmmm…..that’s a new one to me. Raw milk is better, but even our family doesn’t buy raw milk because of the price. That’s why we need a cow!

Another myth the book advises against is drinking well water. Oh really? I grew up in the country and that is the only water we had and I am fine (ok that’s debatable sometimes! Ha!) as are my parents, my sisters and all those that lived around us. Since moving to a rural area we now drink well water. Ummmm….so far none of us are any worse for doing so, but the authors claimed it was dangerous to drink well water. Did you know that Chlorine and Fluoride are NOT good for you and that they are chemicals? Just do a little research and you’ll learn ALOT.

The last two items are certainly personal choice but ones I happen to disagree with. First one, you shouldn’t make your children eat if they don’t want to both hunger wise and what you serve them. I understand and agree that if they are referring to not being hungry, but not when it comes to what is being served. We are a family of ten and neither my daughters, who now cook, nor I will make ten different meals. That is ridiculous. Therefore, our kids are required to eat whatever they are served. Period. If they really dislike it then they are required to eat bites according to their age. For example: If our four year old did not like what was for dinner he would be required to eat four bites, our six year old would need to eat six bites and so on.

The book has merit and will be helpful to those parents searching for a solution to “food fights”.

Enter to Win!

If you are interested in owning a copy we are hosting a giveaway and I will mail you your copy in a 2-3 of weeks, whenever I close the giveaway. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter. Thanks!

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  1. Seyma shabbir says:

    Watermelon, they love it but make a mess!!

  2. Meat! Both kids went through a stage where they would not eat meat! My son is still in the stage now! UGH!

  3. Theresa, Your FB options are not working. It is giving an error. :-(

  4. Ok, I’ll check into it. Thanks! Someone else said that but did not clarify if it was on FB (which is where she commented) or the Rafflecopter.

  5. Ok, I edited so could the next person who enters tell me if it shows up? Thanks!

  6. susan says:

    No fights yet (10 mo), but I want to be armed with ideas when the time comes!

  7. susan says:

    Yes, the FB options are working. Thanks!

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