Fatal Attraction?

Talk about living in critterville….my daughter went outside this morning only to discover another dead mouse had joined the first dead mouse in the stainless steel bowl. Fatal attraction? Ha! ;-) Is it the itty bitty amount of food that is the attraction, the stainless steel bowl or a dead mouse spouse? My daughter just said that was awful but I am a little giddy this morning after my super hero candies! Seriously. We were given some candy this week and when my husband brought it home I started, “I wish you’d tell your mother not to send that stuff home.” Only to find out it was gifted by another. Ooops. Should have thrown it out but we have been eating it. Or should I say I have been eating it. The children had a treasure hunt yesterday with some of it.

Anyhoo….candy has nothing to do with the fatal attraction of the dead mice, only to do with my sugar high!

So what do you think is attracting the mice to the bowl?

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  1. Why are they dying in that bowl though? This is a mystery!

  2. Time to bury that bowl! LOL!

  3. Stefani says:

    I feel your pain. Sometimes we find those in the dog’s water bowl in the back yard. Yucky!

  4. Brandy says:

    That is so weird.. do you have poison out somewhere for the mice? And if yes then does this bowl hold water? Poison will lead the mice to a water source…. at least normally. That is the only thing I could think of.

  5. Brandi says:

    How wierd! Who knows why they keep dying in there but yay for a sugar high LOL

  6. Jennifer says:

    tha’s so weird. Why THAT bowl?!
    I have no clue on why they are dying but as much as I hate mice it’s still pretty sad :(

  7. Marcie W. says:

    I’ve never seen a “wild” mouse, dead or alive!

  8. Louise says:

    Maybe a cat is dropping them by in hopes of a special prize.

  9. Laurie says:

    I don’t think I could handle that, id get rid of the bowl.

  10. So weird that they are dying in there! Ugh!

  11. Donna says:

    Weird. I have a phobia of mice/rats, so dead or alive… I’d freak out. :)

  12. Lee says:

    Okay this is odd. I agree with the person that said poison leads to water. Or maybe that lettuce or whatever it is in the bowl, is poison itself?


    PS: Loved the “dead mouse spouse” line. ;)

  13. Yikes! I bet it’s a cat hoping for a reward. That, or the dead mouse spouse theory is good.

  14. Melissa Au says:

    That is so strange!

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