End of Summer – Health and Garden Tuesday

I don’t know about you, but I am always sad when the end of summer arrives. It is always refreshing to have the cool mornings and nights that comes with this time of year, however, it also means winter is just around the corner….which is my least favorite season.

It was a very busy summer traveling back and forth two days a week to Mrs. A’s farm, but full of learning and memories. By the time we had moved in early August, the children (and me too, admittedly) were tiring of being gone from home, traveling and…..weeding. All of that came to an end on Friday, September 16th. We are officially done at Mrs. A’s. Our last farmers market was the 10th. (Oh and by the way, we were in the Glenview news for a feature for the farmers market over Labor Day weekend. You can view it here: http://glenview.patch.com/articles/bringing-the-garden-to-your-plate Sorry forgot the link earlier!)

Now, it’s time to make plans for our own farm. We have our garlic to plant, our 2 fields to till and manure. We are still deliberating over ordering baby chicks for laying hens. Not sure I want to start a batch in cool weather and over-winter them. That’s the disadvantage. The advantage is that we will get eggs in the spring some time – a huge plus if we want them for our family, farmers markets or a CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture definition here.) My husband had wanted to wait on the animals but he seems to be more open to the chickens now that we are done at Mrs. A’s. We did just get used feeders and a nesting box off of Craigslist – can you say smelly and dirty?! A definite disadvantage to buying used. We will clean them up before using them to safe guard against any possible contamination occurring. We still need fencing and housing for chickens…and time…lots and lots of decisions.

It still seems a bit surreal that we have our own place to farm. I feel like I have to pinch myself sometimes.

We are thoroughly enjoying our extra space and are praying for guidance for our future farming enterprise.


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