NEW! Health and Garden Tuesday Post

I just wanted to share a little testimony for this week’s post on Health and Garden Tuesday. Over the weekend I went with a friend to give a Raindrop to a client who won a free Raindrop with a qualifying order at one of my friend’s meetings. I was acting as her assistant and had to ring out two towels with hot water. The only thing is I made the water too hot and burned my thumb so much so that it started smarting and blistering right away. I was not able to put anything on it until Sunday morning and when I did I applied two Young Living essential oils: Purification and Lavender. The blistering is basically gone and what remains does not even hurt. I have never used an essential oil on a burn before and am very glad that I did since the pain of the burn is not as long lasting as it usually is. My burn really benefited from using Young Living essential oils.

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  1. That’s really good to know!!! Glad it helped.

  2. I never thought to use something like oils on a burn. Very interesting!

  3. interesting never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing

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