Review ~ Spiffies Wipes

Faith and Family Reviews received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While we consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, our reviews are our honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

Spiffies Tooth Wipes Natural Grape Flavor

I am pleased to review Spiffies Wipes. This innovative product has been a hit in our household! This product is an alternative to teeth brushing in young children. The wipe is a convenient square that is then wrapped around the finger. This, the finger with the wipe is used to brush the teeth. I have used these wipes on both my 2 year old and my 4 year old. The 2 year old prefers to use a regular toothbrush but will tolerate using the wipes. I think she likes the control of being able to brush her teeth on her own with the toothbrush, where I brush her teeth wit h the wipes. However, my 4 year old LOVES the wipes. He allows me to brush/wipe his teeth without any fuss.

The wipes come in various flavors. We were given grape and apple to try. Both flavors were well received by my children without and “ick” factor. The only drawback to the product is once the wipe comes off your finger it leaves a sticky residue on your finger/hand. But it comes off easily after a quick hand washing with soap!

This product contains Xylitol, which is a natural food substance, which gently fights cavity-causing bacteria. I believe this is a great product for children who are reluctant to brush, as well as a supplement for children who like to brush…you cannot go wrong with extra dental hygiene! This product can be found at most Drug Stores or at

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