Food, Inc.

Yes, we are on a food kick. We have seen both of these documentaries that we have posted about this week, but we wanted to revisit them because their message is so very important to the future of our food system here in the USA. I am also hoping to attend a Local Food Round-Table Discussion tonight and wanted to refresh my memory as to the issues of concern. Not that I plan on saying too much. I am more of a silent observer, but if I have to I will be better prepared to voice my opinion if need be.

Food, Inc. has the same basic message as The Future of Food, but presents it in a different way with different people (Michael Pollen, Joel Salatin, a Christian farmer from Virginia, Stoneyfield Yogurt and more). It also deals more with ecoli outbreaks, saving seeds, feed lots and poultry, as well as the farmers and meat packers who work in those industries.

Here’s to the health of not only our families but the health of the whole nation!

Let me know how these documentary movies have affected the way you think.

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