Health And Garden Tuesday: Top 12 Cosmetic Companies Are Actually Harmful

Here is a list of 12 cosmetic companies that are actually harmful. These may be popular, but they are actually very harmful to your body.

Here is a list of the top 12 cosmetic companies:

1. Maybelline *
2. Mary Kay *
3. Estee Lauder *
4. Lancome
5. Clinique
6. L’Oreal
7. Chanel
8. Max Factor
9. Cover Girl *
10. Neutrogena
11. Revlon
12. Avon *

And here is our list of how harmful they are:

12- Mary Kay- Mary Kay is the lowest of all the cosmetic companies that are harmful. Only a 7. But that’s still pretty hazardous. (see here)

11- Maybelline-Maybelline’s products aren’t that pretty either. Their product that contains the most toxins reaches a 8 on the “scale”. (see here)

10- Lancome- Some of Lancome’s products also reach a rating of 8. (see here)

9- Chanel- Chanel also reaches a bad rating for quite a few of their products. They get a 8. (see here)

8- Clinique- It seems 8 is a popular number as Clinique also reaches a 8 on the scale.(see here)

7- Max Factor- Most of Max Factors products are either a 7 or a 8 on Cosmetic Database. (see here)

6- Neutrogena- Neutrogena’s products aren’t good for your body as they reach a 9 on Cosmetic Database. (see here)

5- ESTÉE LAUDER- ESTÉE LAUDER also has some 0 rated products but, they also have some pretty nasty ratings as well on Cosmetic Database. Including some 9’s.(see here)

4- Avon- Avon has some products that are ranked as a 0 on Cosmetic Database. But if you got to the second page you’ll see plenty of 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s. So I’ll have to watch what I buy from them! (see here)

3- Cover Girl- This may be a shocker but Cover Girl is a 9 as well. Some of their products are a okay rating but we found ALOT of their products are either a 7,8, or 9. (see here)

2- Loreal- Loreal also has plenty of products with a toxic rating of 6,7,8,9, and 10! (see here)

1- Revlon- And the big the most toxic cosmetic company on our list is….. REVLON! Yep, although this comapny has SOME non-toxic products. 500 + of their products are either a 6,7,8,9, or 10! (see here)

Happy Tuesday!

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