Tribe Hummus Review

I received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While I consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, my review is my honest opinion and thoughts of the product.


I received Tribe All Natural Hummus to review and having never tried hummus before was interested to see how it tasted. So when contacted by the PR person and sent my free hummus coupons, I decided to try the Tribe Classic and was pleasantly surprised at it’s taste! It had a nice smooth taste to it and all my children LOVED it! Even my 2 year old. It was delicious! We have gotten Tribe’s Hummus two more times since when I received it to review. It is wonderful with all natural chips. We love this hummus! Thanks Tribe!

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  1. emcilwaine says:

    If ANYONE thinks Tribe is real Hummus – they need to compare to real Hummus like Fontaine Sante Canada and Fountain of Health USA Hummus – Tribe claims it is ALL NATURAL – a huge misconception – never can you get 3 months shelf life from an all natural product. They pasturize the ingredients – and if you know anything about what this does – check it out – it KILLS ALL the benefits from the ingredients – even changes the look and taste. Tribe is almost as bad as Athenos – which is the worst tasting Hummus you can ever try. Don’t waste your money – buy a REAL hummus like Sabra or Fountain of Health Hummus.
    Tribe is a JOKE – and making untrue claims on their marketing programs.
    Fountain of Health and Fontaine Sante is about the ONLY real ALL NATURAL Hummus out there – and it gets 65 days shelf life – much more than enough to enjoy what REAL Hummus should taste like.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I will have to look into what you have said.

    If you ever visit our blog again, we’d appreciate you toning down your tone (capitalization of words is like yelling at a person). We may be misinformed, but we are not stupid and are still learning which products are the best. We liked the Tribe hummus and gave an honest review. It is up to individual consumer to learn more about the company and their ethics. We don’t recall anything on the labeling that indicated anything other than all natural ingredients.

    I am not likely to try the two brands you mentioned since you could possibly just be part of them and out to bash another brand and because of the way you shared your information.

  3. Joe Demo says:

    Whoever mentioned Fountain of Health Hummus is actually correct. Fountain of Health does not pasteurize their hummus. You can actually taste the chickpeas and tahini. You must taste this hummus, or you will miss the true meaning of real hummus. Their caramelized onion hummus is great. Their roasted red pepper hummus is to die for. Practically, their entire hummus line is to be reckoned with. It’s an all natural hummus. Please do yourselves a favor and try it. You will never go back to anything else. Kudos to Fountain of Health!

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