Recycled Mosquito Coin Purse and Keychain/Cell Phone Holder

Coin Purse

Coin Purse 2

I have been using these two purses for a while now and really, really, like them! They look small but they hold alot! In the grey purse I have been putting my cell phone and other needed objects and I am using the black one for my keys etc, etc. The key ring with cell phone holder (pictured above) and coin purse are perfect to attach to the inside of five’s messenger bag. The key ring and coin purse features a five petal flower similar to five’s logo flower. The purses have a zipper closure.

These purses are from the new line made by a fair trade co-op in Cambodia, is made from recycled plastic mosquito netting, carefully washed and cleaned, originally used to protect livestock, safety netting, and brick layers used it as a sand sieve. They are recycled, Eco-Friendly and support needy people in Cambodia.

These purses are available from five ACCESSORIES. They are $15 for the black and $20 for the grey. For more info contact: or call 312.504.3483.

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