Dr. Sharp Product Review

I received the following book in exchange for writing a review. While I consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, my review is my honest opinion and thoughts of the book.

We had the privilege of trying Dr. Sharp’s fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash recently.


Over the years, we have tried many organic, eco-friendly personal care products. Some have resulted in finding favorites that we still use today and some have been flops that we had no desire to purchase again. Dr. Sharp was a pleasant surprise, as we weren’t sure what to expect, but found a great product we all like.

The children the strawberry flavored kid’s toothpaste and a couple of them really liked the “adult” mint toothpaste too. With our crew, it says a lot when we get a full round of “YES!” for liking a product. The kid’s toothpaste comes with a cute little monkey that attracts a child’s eye. The children liked the kid’s toothpaste so much they asked if we could use it from now on.

My husband and I have really liked the mint toothpaste. I think I like the mint better than the green tea, but both are comparable to brand name toothpastes. Yes, I know that is a big claim, but seriously that was my initial thought, “Wow, this could be a brand name toothpaste.” But I will say that my sensitive teeth started to become sensitive again after a few days of using Dr. Sharp’s toothpaste, so I have now gone back to using Young Living’s Thieves Dentraome Plus toothpaste, as it is the only toothpaste I have found that does not bother my sensitive teeth. We are a distributor for Young Living, so we actually get the wholesale price. If any of you are interested in trying it, please let me know because if you buy under me then you will help us earn money on your purchase. Or if you are interested in more info, feel free to email me at faithandfamilyreviews {at} gmail {dot} com.

Our oldest was the only one to experience whiter teeth after a couple weeks of using a combination of the mint and green tea toothpastes from Dr. Sharp. I am not sure but her teeth are whiter and she is very pleased about it!

Only two of us have really used the mouthwash, which is mint flavored. It is ok, but it took a while to grow on me. My daughter liked it from the start. Again, I do prefer my Young Living Thieves mouthwash.

All in all, our family really liked Dr. Sharp’s organic, fluoride free toothpaste and mouthwash. The eco-friendly monkey tote is an added bonus and very cute too. Dr. Sharp’s products are pricey, even more pricey than Young Living’s products.

For more information on Dr. Sharp products, please visit www.drfluoridefree.com

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