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After giving birth, undergoing surgery or recovering from an illness or injury, the scramble to obtain the best medical supplies for home care proves a difficult task. With a list of necessities from a physician or nurse in hand, one may find themselves bouncing from pharmacy to drugstore in search of the right products, amongst a sea of varieties and brands.

Cardinal Health™ Hospital Quality at Home™ products make the transition from hospital to home recovery a smoother and more successful one. With products that aim to give you professional quality with the ease of at-home use, the focus remains on healing and recovery.

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· The Cardinal HealthTM Advanced Wound Care products cover a wide range of needs that aid healing, offer long-lasting protection, and help provide a moist environment, which helps promote wound healing.

· The Cardinal HealthTM Advanced Wound Care products are ideal for local wounds such as blisters, minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns and minor surgical wounds.

· Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, sometimes called a bedsore[3], are the second most common patient safety incident: Nearly 36 for every 1,000 hospitalizations.[4]

· Under the supervision of a health care professional, the Hydrocolloid and Silicone Bordered Foams may be used for diabetic, venous and arterial ulcers (common types of leg and foot ulcers[5]) and early stage bedsores (stage I and II pressure ulcers).

· Under the supervision of a health care professional, some use cases for transparent dressings include early stage bedsores (stage I and II pressure ulcers).

Our Review:

The Cardinal at home products are great. We received a plethora of products that i wish I had post surgery. i have had 3 C-sections and my husband has had 5 knee surgeries…so i know all too well what is need and wanted in at home care products!

Below is a photo of the items we received in the pack


The items I found extremely helpful within the pack were the bordered silicone foam and the transparent dressing. These items are extremely useful when having to redress wounds or sutures. The other nice item within the pack was the protective underpadding… this proves useful if the patient cannot move and you do not want to ruin any bedding.

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