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The Candle Handbook




Last year we introduced you to the The Candle Classic Bible which took its readers through the Bible in 365 exciting days! This year we introduce you to its accompanying handbook!


Travel through Bible history with this comprehensible exploration of the Bible, following key narratives from Genesis to Revelation.

Using clear graphics throughout, including illustrations of what biblical sites would have looked like, photographs and maps of important biblical references, and graphs showing the routes of important journeys, readers will travel through various Bible lands and times and discover how the people lived: the foods they ate, the homes they occupied, the clothes they wore, and the work they performed. The Candle Bible Handbook also includes completely new content, including glossaries, study questions to further learning, and FAQs that explain some of the mysteries of the Bible.


Readers will discover the purpose of every book of the Bible in this indispensable guidebook that uniquely fulfills the Candle brand.



I was SO excited to be able to review this handbook because I JUST KNEW it would be a perfect companion to my Candle Classic Bible…and it IS! However, if you do not own a Candle Classic Bible it works well alone as an EXCELLENT Bible reference tool! I teach Sunday school and we have been studying the Old Testament this year. I have ALWAYS wanted GOOD maps and pictures of the Old Testament…this handbook is it…my DREAM come true! The Maps are excellent and the pictures are terrific…it makes learning come to life! My students really began to picture the Old Testament after using this handbook.

I have also used this handbook as a family … it is wonderful to be able to have study questions right at the tip of my fingers for easy quizzes and it is great to show the little ones the pictures of the daily lives of people in the Bible.  We paired this with our Candle Classic Bible at home and when reading one story per day it really helps to have this handbook for home study and reflection (it makes mom’s job easier)!

Overall we were greatly overjoyed with this text. If you are looking for a family Bible companion piece …then this is IT! This is such a wonderful text I suggest that you at least take time to peruse buying options for the Bible handbook!


This book and many others are carried by Kregel Publications

Visit their site and peruse all the wonderful books they have to offer!



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  1. That sounds great! I’d like to start working on reading the bible again.

  2. Crystal says:

    Sounds like I need the Bible and the textbook. Thanks for the thorough review.

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