Is Your Water Bill Higher than Normal?

This is a guest post.

If your water bills are costing more than usual, you need to read this.

A bill that is much higher than what you have been paying then the first indication is that you might be having some leaking pipes. The sound of running sound is audible even when you turn off all the fixtures but you are still to able to find it, this is when you actually need to call a professional and get it fixed right away. Besides your water bill, the leaking water might damage your house flooring and the furniture. It is important that you check the faucets after use and make sure that they are properly closed. Then check the water meter, if it is still moving then surely there is a leakage which needs to be repaired.

Plumbing in CA under-the-sink
Photo compliments of Peter Griffin. Used with permission.

• Finding the exact point

Try the following tips to locate the exact leaking spot. If the sound helps then you can easily locate the source. Else you will have to find an amplifier devices that will give you the exact location when help close to the pipeline. Check for the satins in the ceiling, and then it might be the water tank that is leaking.

• Get professional help to locate the problem

At times, water travels along a line and gets accumulated on the roof top so the exact location might be somewhere else than the staining. If there are no stains and signs but the water meter seems to be moving, then locating the hidden leakage can be little trouble. Make use of a flashlight to get the pipeline in the basement or in case you have a crawl space.

• Fixing the problem

If the leaking is too an extent then you needs to turn off the water supply first in order to fix it. Make use of the main shut off valve to deal with it. The leaky section might need to be replaced or can be stopped with the help of a sealant. However, if you are not able to reach the pipe that needs to be repaired, calling a plumber has to be the ideal choice.

• Clamps can help

Make use of a clamp that will stop the leakage for few months if you don’t wish to replace the pipe immediately. A solid rubber blanket keeps the clamp in position and will hold it for several months to come. Get to the nearest store to buy a rubber sheet and some clamps exactly the size of the pipe that needs to be repaired.

• Measure the diameter of the sleeve clamp

Sleeve clamp of the pipe’s diameter will work the best. Protect the leakage by wrapping the rubber blanket and then carefully screw the clamp. A pinhole leaking can be fixed with a hose adjustable clamp. You are not able to find anything else, and then you can always go for a C-clamp.

• Apply epoxy putty

To make it even more secure, you can apply epoxy putty around the fixture where you are not able to apply the clamp. Make sure that the pipe is thoroughly cleaned and dry before the application. No matter, what you are doing, turn of the water supply and let the solution to stay for a while and get solid. All the above measures can be taken care as a DIY program but in case of any trouble, if you’re currently
residing at Simi Valley, CA. Find plumber in Simi Valley who spent years in plumbing industry.

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  1. We have a toilet that continuously runs and needs to be fixed. Im afraid to get our water bill next month because of it..

  2. Thanks so much for the tips. These will come in handy when we get a house.

  3. Kelsey Apley says:

    Luckily we are good to go, but great tips to keep in mind if we ever sell our home and move!

  4. I should check if mine went down after fixing my leaky pipe… never mind, extra person in the house using water, it probably went up.

  5. So thankful when ever had to mess with that but I know friends who discovered through a water bill that their pipes were leaking.

  6. Donna says:

    Just last month our water bill was 3 times what it normally runs and we discovered we had a leak outside. :/ We were bummed, but it’s fixed now. Although, this months bill was still much higher than usual. Next months should be back to normal. I hope.

  7. Stefanie says:

    We have a leaky sink and we need to call someone about it. It wastes a ton of water every day.

  8. Great tips, especially about the putty! That’s why it’s good to keep a close eye on expenses so that you can check on any discrepancies which, in case of a leak, could lead to bad damage if unchecked.

  9. HilLesha says:

    Thankfully, the water bill is covered by my landlord, but it sure wasn’t at my previous home. It ran pretty high and I was pretty good at conserving water. :(

  10. Toni says:

    Yes ours has been but that’s because our toilet sometimes gets stuck open and if we forget to stay and check it runs until we do.

  11. Shell Feis says:

    One of our bathroom sinks has to be turned off JUST right so it doesn’t leak. It’s crazy annoying!

  12. Angela says:

    Very good info. I just recently had a ton of plumping and sewer issues addressed in my home.

  13. Tammy says:

    The plumbers are making a trip here tomorrow because our outdoor faucets leak from the spigot base whenever we turn them on. We need to have them replaced before we set up a summer watering system and seeing as we’re in Texas it won’t be long before it starts heating up down here!

  14. Mickey says:

    My husband was just telling me that ours was higher than it has been in a long time. We’ll have to look into it. Thanks!

  15. We haven’t had any issues yet, thank goodness.

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