Eggy Sight Words App Review

eggywords-icon-16b7f4a8a3948bbfe6ad43ffc0c45eccHere’s the next review of the Eggy Apps – Reading Eggs Sight Words. Available for your Apple products.

Eggy Sight Words App Review

Eggy Sight Words 3

When you first begin this screen will pop up and they will ask you to select a level. This app has a total of 10 levels and 250 sight words.

Eggy sight Words 4

The options are Chicken Run, Turtle Tap, or Penguin Plunge.

All of the options games are the same, it just matters on your animal preference you’d like to start with first.  You are given a sight word and then eggs are tossed around they have many sight words on them.  If the egg matches your word you touch it and the app will say the word.  If you choose the wrong word or miss your sight word it cracks.  As you continue to play the game the eggs go faster, watch out for the flying animals, objects and rotten eggs!  Don’t forget to collect puzzle pieces and happy face eggs along the way!

Eggy Sight Words 1

Eggy Sight words 2

When you continue on to the next round you spell the word.  It will toss eggs into the air with letters on them.  Then you choose which eggs spell your sight word.

They have a bonus round with gold eggs – you must try collect/tap 100 eggs.  If you tap an animals, pan, or other flying object, the game ends and you need to retry.  This is a great hand eye coordination tool.

In the tools section you can select and appropriate setting – Slow (age 3-4), Medium (ages 4-5), Fast (ages 6+).

Really cute app, my 4 year old daughter did okay when the eggs were going slow, once the eggs sped up it was hard for her to keep up.  This will be a great app for her once her motor skills and eyes can recognize the words faster.  When the eggs were going really fast, it was hard for me to keep up sometimes. lol….otherwise, great learning app!

Look for my next Eggy App Review – Eggy Reading





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