Benefits of Shelf Safe Milk

Do you remember Y2K? Do you remember people stock piling food and supplies in the event of a major power outage or shortage of food? I have no idea how the Y2K thing escalated to such proportions but it did. In some circles it was somewhat of a minor panic. And if I remember correctly I think we even stocked up on a few necessary items but nothing out of control like some folks are rumored to have done. Dry milk was one of those items since milk is not something that is easy to store or stock up on unless you have lots of refrigeration space. That’s when shelf safe milk comes in handy.

What is Shelf Safe Milk?

Think of the power outages that have occurred during hurricanes or strong rain storms. Last year when we first moved in we experienced a number of power failures during thunder and lightening storms. We were always concerned about losing the food in our freezer and refrigerator. Granted the issue was probably due to neighboring trees over hanging on the power lines, which they have since trimmed, but still it would have been nice to have stock piled shelf safe milk then.

As noted in the video above, shelf safe milk is milk that has been ultra pasteurized, processed and packaged in a container that needs no refrigeration, at least until it is opened, and is actually found on the shelf of your grocery store. Who would have thought, right?

It comes in several different brands, including Organic Valley. We have been to an Organic Valley farm and know the farmer through our regional farmer’s group.

The Benefits of Shelf Safe Milk

There are benefits of shelf safe milk. Here are a few I come up with:

  • No fear of it souring before you open it. (It does need to be refrigerated upon opening)
  • Easy to travel containers.
  • The containers do not disintegrate in the cooler – bonus!
  • A great way to have milk anywhere and anytime.
  • Much easier way to stock up on milk and requires less refrigerator space.

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  1. Miriam T. says:

    I haven’t tried shelf safe milk yet, although I do have a few boxes in the cupboard. Does it taste very similar to “regular” milk? I wonder if it would taste better if it was chilled.

  2. Dawn Lopez says:

    What great tips! Plus, I definitely hate when milk goes bad! Thank you!

  3. Miriam, I have only tried Organic Valley and I believe it was chilled and it tasted fine, just like milk. ;) I am assuming chilling it in advance would be preferable. The idea is it won’t spoil until it’s open and left unrefrigerated after opening.

  4. Amanda says:

    I love having shelf staple milk on hand for when we run out or time we are on the go and don’t have the ability to refrigerate.

  5. mel says:

    Those are great tips. I love having shelf milk available!

  6. Hali says:

    Love shelf safe milk! :)

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