Another Belated Monday Motivation – LONG – Sit down, have a tea with me and catch up on our news…

I didn’t get to a Monday Motivation post. I was making calls to feed stores, the hatchery and the post office. Our chicks and turkeys are being shipped out this weekend and I remembered we are down to one car and if my husband is at work how am I going to go pick them up at the post office? I really don’t want to find some of them dead because I couldn’t get there at the right time. Yeah, a slight dilemma to say the least. I am also having a hard time finding a local source of organic turkey feed. Talk about feeling crunched! I was told this one particular place had it a couple of weeks ago and then when I call to order on Monday I was told they didn’t have organic turkey starter. We don’t want to raise our animals on GMO feed (Genetically Modified Organisms). So I am a little freaked out right now at the thought of not having any feed for the turkeys!

Update on Feed Situation
(since this was started on Tuesday AM!)

Our horse is not even mentioned in this post, but feed is!

My mind is so boggled right now. I usually pride myself on being organized, well, as much as I can be with 9 other people living with me. Oh sure I procrastinate about filing papers and crunching numbers at tax time because my files are such a mess; but I am a planner by nature and this all has taught me that I did not plan well enough.

Also, I am slightly kicking myself in the behind because I discovered that our turkeys actually arrive April 25-27 – could be today! This realization occurred late yesterday afternoon. We had absolutely nothing ready. Oh my husband had boxes. So, I had to make a run to Farm & Fleet to get shavings for bedding and packing tape to make their chick house, chick/turkey feeders and waterers. Forgot the heat lamps. These are all fairly inexpensive in the scope of things, so we knew we would get these at the last minute due to space issues for storing farm supplies, until we got the garage clean out more and boxes moved to basement storage.

Thanks to the help of farmers in my Growers Group I found a turkey starter source, but have to drive an hour and a half to Wisconsin to get it – today. Plus we have the other chicken feed, rabbit feed and organic soil arriving anytime of the day – today. The turkeys could arrive – today with a call from the Post Office- and I am feeling a little frazzled and am thinking, “What am I getting myself into?” Then I have to remind myself that I want to feed my family fresh, wholesome food without any of the chemicals and other junk they are putting into the food these days. Just think pink slime and you’ll understand why I want to get away from purchasing most things at grocery stores. Pretty radical, eh? I know and it’s a huge leap of faith too because we are beginning farmers and there’s always a huge learning curve. Plus, we want our children to experience animals, develop a good work ethic and a sense of responsibility at young ages so they grow up to be responsible adults. Our girls are well on their way, it’s our younger crew that needs the help! ;-) Ha!


The other mishap was the fact that we never did get our old tiller serviced last fall. It leaks gas and won’t run properly. I had a place lined up, then I look for the email and couldn’t find it anywhere so POOF! I had deleted it in a delete happy party. I looked on the brands website and POOF it’s no longer listed there either.:-( We really need to get our poor little plants in the ground. So I called one place and they did not have any experience working on our brand of tiller and were…get this TWO weeks behind! Ugh. The other place we are familiar with are pricey, my husband fixed our ride on mower cheaper by doing it himself. He hasn’t taken the time to figure out the old tiller, but I know he could. So out of desperation for our plants I looked at new ones, but finally settled on a refurbished one with a nice little payment plan with no interest – bonus.

As as side note, I did look at used on Craigslist too, but didn’t find any of the brand that I wanted.

Another case of poor planning on my part. Can you say humbled beyond belief? Yep, that’s me. Part of it is poor planning, but also I just didn’t believe we would actually get to do all of this and now we are…and I have been…well…unprepared. Ever do that to yourself?

Animal Update

15 Midget White turkeys due to arrive any day now (they are a slow growing breed, most are for our family but I have 1-3 possibly sold thanks to Local Harvest)
40 baby chicks – all laying hens – 26 Buff Orpingtons, 8 Arcaunas, 6 Australorps and 1 specialty that we got free with our order due to arrive between Saturday and next Wednesday
2 bunnies – Java (brown rabbit) and Houdini (black & white and now my daughter wonders if she should have name it that in cases it disappears…) due to be picked up on Sunday
1 puppy – possibly a Newfoundland estimated date of arrival, unknown, but hoping to visit a breeder today

The owner of the bunnies sent us a couple of pictures:


Java is the dark brown one in the back and Houdini is the B&W one facing to the right.

Oy! So here’s to my sanity and that I get through the next week unscathed! And I thought I’d just wet my feet with animals this summer….Ha!

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  1. I am so jealous that you have a farm!

  2. melissa says:

    How cool is that! I am so jealous!

  3. Andrea says:

    Sounds like you are a busy lady! I would love to have a little farm someday.

  4. I love hearing all of this, I am ordering my chickens this weekend, may go pick up a couple one year old hens to get started with the yard area.. I have two bunnies that are male and had to separate them because our first bunny we have had for about two years was really taking his domain seriously LOL.

  5. I love reading all about your farm. I am guessing you are so busy. Love keeping up with all the happenings

  6. Kimberly says:

    Good golly! How in the world do you keep track of everything? I think I would have lost my mind a long time ago. Ha Ha.

    Sounds like you really have your hands full. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon so you can start enjoying all those new additions to your family.

  7. Kimberly, for my other businesses, I have my Google Calendar or iPhone. For the farm, I stupidly didn’t put any of these dates on any calendar as I thought I could keep everything straight! Then our turkey date got switched from the 18th to this week when the first hatchery’s turkey eggs failed….that’s really what messed me up there.

    The feed situation I should have researched a long time ago, but never thought organic turkey feed would be hard to find. I just learned that organic hog feed is even harder to find. Good think we don’t have hogs, but I am making note of that fact should we ever decide to raise hogs!

  8. How in the world do you even have time to keep up this blog?

  9. Now, Liz, that would be sharing my million dollar secret, wouldn’t it? ;-)

    Seriously, I honestly don’t know except that my family is amazingly supportive of all I/or we do. If it weren’t for them, I couldn’t do anything. They aren’t perfect but the definitely are supportive and share in all the work or are learning to. ;-)

  10. Louise says:

    Oh my gosh those bunnies are so cute

  11. Wow, just wow. Hope the chicks all arrive safely.

  12. Megan says:

    Busy woman! I grew up on a farm and miss it. We have horses but that’s all.

  13. Jenn says:

    Sending you some calming vibes! Love those bunnies.

  14. HilLesha says:

    Love the pictures! :)

  15. Marcie W. says:

    Not sure HOW you do it. I have 3 kids & 1 dog yet feel overwhelmed! I love seeing pics of all your animals though

  16. You are crazy busy! I’d so love to live on a farm though

  17. Stefani says:

    Sounds like you keep yourself busy!

  18. I never thought of all the hard work that goes into running a farm like you do. Glad you found your turkey starter and were able to pull things together! So stressful, but sounds like you are doing a great job!

  19. Donna says:

    Wow… just, WOW! Color me impressed, because I don’t know how you do it!

  20. Tammy says:

    I bet your kids love the animals.

  21. It sounds like a lot of hard work, but pleasure too!

  22. Kathleen says:

    Oh my goodness are you ever busy!

  23. Laurie says:

    How cool, I have always wanted a farm.

  24. I can’t wait to follow your journey with poultry; I really, really, really want to raise chickens (for the same reasons as you) but our backyard isn’t really good for it (and the there’s that pesky homeowner’s association thing).

  25. Yeah, I remember the pesky homeowner’s association thing, we lived with that for 16 years and are so grateful to be out from under the regulations. While we lived there it wasn’t too bad, but now that we don’t have to live with it…FREEDOM! :) Though, some towns/cities are making ordinances about backyard chickens so don’t give up yet, keep your ears peeled and ask your village clerk. Maybe you can even be the start of something new in your town! ;)

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