Too Many Easter Eggs!!

This past weekend my family and I went on 2 eggs hunts, with more planned Easter weekend.  My daughter had a great time and we enjoyed watching her at the hunts.  BUT NOW!!!!

What am I going to do with all these plastic eggs!!!

Sure, I could store them and save them for next year (which I will – for some).  I was thinking there’s gotta more uses for these plastic eggs than use them once a year!  Right?

There’s TONS of great ideas all over the web!  You can make a wreath, store jewelery in them,  or my favorite –  clean them good and put snacks in them!

Here’s my ideas –

Find an egg carton, put a half of the plastic eggs in there and put paint in them! You have a holder and it’s easy clean up!

Cinco De Mayo is coming in May – Put some beans in the eggs and tape them closed.  Easy Maracas!

I have lots of eggs, help me out.  What are your ideas?


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  1. Great ideas for all those extra plastic eggs ;-)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Those plastic eggs! Seriously, people make a fortune making them because I buy them every year and after a couple months I throw them away and have to re-buy them the next.
    I have no advice for you :( sorry, lol

  3. Great ideas! I think we are only doing plastic eggs this year.

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