Starting Our Seeds: Motivation Monday

Daylight Savings has begun, the days are growing longer and warmer. Signs of spring. Ahhh….the change of seasons is so refreshingly sweet, isn’t it?

It was so nice yesterday and we our box of seeds (Mike the Gardener’s and Johnny’s Seeds) came the other day that my girls were begging me to start planting. I did not have our seed flats or other containers, but we did have plenty of egg cartons that we were saving for when we had our laying hens, so I told the girls to go ahead and use the egg cartons to start the seeds. They went to town and got a lot planted. Then again when you have 5-6 pairs of hands it does not take long to get a job done. They planted veggie seeds and flower seeds.

My motivation this week is to get the rest of our seeds planted that need to be planted so they are ready to put into the ground at the right time. What the children planted yesterday was for their individual gardens, not our big one! We have one table set up in our living room and will probably need to set our other one up once I get my seeds planted. I am hoping it is warm enough and light enough in front of our big window. (Dreaming of the day we have a greenhouse or hoop house!)

We also have to get the tiller serviced so it is ready to go when we start planting outside. I have asked my dear husband to do that job!

Chickens will be ordered but we will plan for them to arrive in April and May. Pretty exciting stuff going on here at Loony Acres!

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  1. Billie says:

    I bet they had tons of fun. I want to start a garden, but have no idea how. I want to start with flowers or plants and then move to edible items if I can keep the flowers living, lol. Any tips?

  2. Billie, the children are growing pansies, impatiens, cosmos, bachelor’s buttons and nasturtiums. Of those, I have grown pansies (easy to grow and a cooler weather flower for spring), impatiens and nasturtiums (these are edible flowers, but seem to be finicky or at least last year did not do the best in the soil we had). I have also grown petunias (very easy if watered regularly!).

    My advice is to start with a couple flowers you like and see how you do! Starting small guarantees you won’t overwhelm yourself! Let me know what you end up planting!

  3. Marcie W. says:

    You are so creative and handy! My confession is that I have NEVER planted anything, ever. Such is life when you grow up in the hot city of Las Vegas.

  4. I would love to do this but don’t exactly have a green thumb.

  5. Brown thumb here, but I still try. Can’t wait to see them as they grow.

  6. Rob says:

    WOW. That is awesome that you start from seeds. We go to Home Depot and buy the plants and put them in the ground and I feel like I am doing an awesome job when that stuff grows. YOu are on a whole different level. Plus chicken, I can’t even come close to touching that.

    Looks like you guys had a great time though.

  7. Dawn C says:

    That is wonderful that the kids have their own gardens! Are you going to let them sell their produce or are you going to can?

    We finished planting our bulbs today. I miss being up north where I had a big garden. Hopefully soon the lake goes down so I can put a garden in here. Otherwise I’ll be doing containers.

  8. I think it is wonderful that you garden with your children. I wish I had the time to grow a garden in Las Vegas!

  9. Dawn C., yes we have been tossing around the idea of letting the children have a roadside stand because while we are in the country our roads are very busy when people are coming home from work in the afternoon. We have a side driveway where they could set up our canopy tent and tables so they wouldn’t have to be right on the side of the road.

    We do can and will probably do tomatoes and apples again, then whatever gives us a great crop.

    I need to transplant all my perennials and bulbs from our old house to here. In the fall I’d love to plant spring bulbs here at our new house.

  10. Crystal, I don’t consider myself a green thumb, but I am still trying to learn and teach my children. We think it is important with the state of our current food system….just think of what they are putting in our food! ewwwwww!

  11. Donna says:

    My garden has gotten smaller and smaller each year, because I just don’t have the time to tend to it like I need to. I do always plant, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and onions. When it comes to flower gardens, I have a brown thumb.

  12. how fun I would love to do something like this with my kids I remember doing it with girls scouts back when

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