Blackberry vs iPhone

If you remember two months ago I purchased an iPhone when my Blackberry died. I think my children use my iPhone more than I do! Of course, most of the apps on it are geared towards them! I even let my 4 year old buy a couple of apps on his birthday. In some ways I like the iPhone better than my Blackberry, but there are certain things that I miss about my Blackberry.

Things I like about my iPhone

– Ease of use.
– Easy for the children to use, obviously!
– Much easier to get photos off and onto the computer.
– The camera takes better quality photos.
– Watching videos on the iPhone works better than the Blackberry.
– It seems like we can do more things on the iPhone – apps allow us to read books, play games, listen to music, play videos
– Participating in social media seems much easier on the iPhone.

Things I miss about my Blackberry

– Word Mole (I read reviews the app is nothing like the Blackberry version).
– Google Maps (gotta look for an app!)
– The key pad.
– Going online was easier on the Blackberry. I do not use my iPhone nearly as much to go online as I did my Blackberry. I don’t care for Safari as a web browser.
– My password could be a word, not just numbers. My children hacked my iPhone!

Cell phone choices are highly personal and what I like about my phone(s) may be what irk or dissatisfy you. However, if you are shopping for a new cell phone it is always a very good idea to read what other mobile phone reviews say before you plunk down your hard earned cash so you can make an informed decision.

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  1. I love reading comparison posts and hearing about the difference between the two

  2. Nicole Mutter says:

    Thank you for this. I was actually trying to decide on a kid friendly phone and I think the iphone will be the one!

  3. Amanda Burle says:

    Ha! I have this app on my iPhone :P I love my phone and really do not have any complaints about it at all. I like that I can type and not make any noise – the blackberries are pretty noisy! *tap tap tap*

  4. Marcie W. says:

    I have Google Maps installed on my Iphone. It comes standard under the utilities section. I couldn’t live without my phone and I think I’ll be Team Apple for life!

  5. Marcie, it isn’t the same as the Blackberry. I am a “word girl” I need written directions not a picture of a map. I don’t think the iPhone Google maps offers that, for I have yet to find that option.

  6. Kenda says:

    I’m actually an Android gal, but I had a Blackberry before my Droid and yep…I miss some of the features. We must be brave and move on lol

  7. I’m trying, Kenda, but you know I tend to hang on a little longer than most! lol!

  8. Cassie says:

    i too am a blackberry to iphone convert. i do have to say as far as the phone’s speed, reliability, issues… the iphone has less and i can appreciate that very much! the blackberry was alot easier to use though. i guess it’s just because i was used to it. the iphone was my first touchscreen product!

  9. Fiona N says:

    I love this topic, really helpful and great comparison :-) Thank You So Much :-)

  10. Donna says:

    I love my iPhone! :)

  11. kevin says:

    I have the new blackberry Bold and i have to say that this is a great phone for these reasons:

    The browser is as good as any mobile browser i have used.

    Battery life is very good.

    Combination touch screen and physical keyboard make it sort of the “best of both worlds”, I can navigate quickly with the touch screen and still hammer out emails and text with the keyboard way faster than my touch screen friends.

    Email is has more features than iphone. Like being able to send a pic or word doc, etc right from the email app. oh and multiple files (docs and pics on the same email). last time i looked at the iphone it couldn’t do that.

    just a few reasons i am still a blackberry guy. :)

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