Mantis Tiller

Still haven’t got our garlic planted. We started, but my husband was using a shovel to over turn the soil, which is currently a grassy field. I told him it would take forever to get it done that way….should have let him go at it because my idea of getting our Mantis tiller fixed and working has delayed us even more. I bought the tiller with the knowledge that it had a leak in the gas line but my husband was unable to seal the leak with silicone gel. I think we are beyond his small engine repair knowledge and will have to take it to be serviced. Guess hand tilling will have to do before we get another freeze.

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  1. I love my Mantis Tiller, we moved and the land here the ground is 5 times as hard so I have to have a tiller, nothing to till until Spring here!

  2. I can only imagine how much work it must be to turn it over by hand. Wow!

  3. You’re still planting? Isn’t it too cold for that?

  4. Yes and no, Paula. I had a fellow farmer friend tell me she’s planted garlic into December. It’s just the garlic I am trying to plant. As Liz said, I just don’t relish the additional work of turning the soil over by hand…..that’s why I am hoping my husband will do it for me! We’ll see though.

    I hate to see us if we add 10 acres to our plate and cover crops etc…….boy we are in trouble if we don’t get our act together! Sigh.

  5. Wow, that sounds like so much work! When I’ve grown garlic, I just stuck it into a large pot full of dirt and left it to its own devices…LOL!

  6. Well Beeb, I have nearly 8 lbs of it to plant that I would like to turn a bit of profit on in the spring selling at markets, but we’ll see….

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