Christmas Movies – Movie Review Monday

This really isn’t a review per se, more like a generic post about Christmas movies.

We started watching some Christmas movies over the Thanksgiving weekend. Some old and some new. Miracle on 34th Street starring Maureen O’Hara was one of the ones we watched on Thanksgiving. It was one of my Dad’s favorites when my sisters and I were growing up. I still remember him calling to us as he always did when he wanted us to watch something with him (like 6pm Disney World on Sunday nights). Even though we do not celebrate Santa Claus, I love this movie’s story line and the warm memories it brings back.

One of the Christmas movies my husband grew up watching was A Christmas Story with “Ralphie”. This is a movie that my husband and children like, but I could live without. I detest the language in it and think it’s crude, but they all sat there laughing through it. My oldest could not understand how I could not watch it. I was in the room but ended up working on some project rather than paying attention to the movie.

We also watched The Nativity Story about the birth of Jesus on Sunday. It is one of our favorites now too.

Of course the classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Charlie Brown’s Christmas are usually on our must-see list.

We also watched a couple of “ABC Family Night” Christmas movies. Well, my daughters and I watched them and I am glad it was my older children because they contained a lot of adult content that I would not consider family-friendly. Even my oldest said that she thought Walmart was doing a better job with family movie night…yay Walmart and P&G!

So do you have your Christmas movie favorites? Feel free to warn us against the duds too so we can avoid them!

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  1. Magen says:

    WE LOVE “The Nativity Story” I show the newer version every year in my Sunday School class and the children LOVE it! I just watched a good Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie on Sunday Night called “Have a little faith” at first I was reluctant but it turned out to be a really good movie (not one that the children would understand) I watched alone! It shows how people from different religions and walks of life can come together and how the spirit of God/Christ can change a person!

  2. Thanks, Magen. I ‘ll check that one out!

  3. Louise says:

    That is such a classic movie!.

  4. I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies already and I love this one

  5. love holiday movies n miracle on 34 street is one of my favorite

  6. Tammy says:

    Frosty is my favorite.

  7. Melissa Au says:

    What great movies! My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas.

  8. Stefani says:

    I am almost ready for the Christmas movies to begin. I have a few favorites that I like to watch each year.

  9. The Mom Jen says:

    It’s a Wonderful Life is something I want to show my tween/teen!!

  10. I love all the classics that you mentioned! This isn’t a movie, but I love having the Yule Log on PBS in the background on Christmas Eve/Morning. :D

  11. HilLesha says:

    I love the movie with Natalie Wood!

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