Confessions on XFactor Night

Ok, I admit we are XFactor junkies at our house. My husband is a huge music buff (it was at a Christian music concert that he found a relationship with God!) and I…well…get pulled in by the contestants’ stories. When my husband was laid off a few years ago we discovered Britain’s Got Talent through Susan Boyle’s sensational audition that went viral, that in turn lead to us finding out about the UK’s XFactor. I am actually almost ashamed to admit this but we watch the UK, Australian and now the US version of the show. My husband and I usually watch it first, as with tonight’s US show and then watch it with our children. That way any scantily clad dancers, inappropriate lyrics etc. can be screened out of their view. Most of the time the show is pretty much ok, but it’s the music/entertainment industry’s standards that mess things up – at least for our family.

The girls categories on both the US and UK versions are strong this year. It was the boys category that was strong on the Aussie version.

So are their any other XFactor fans out there? Any thoughts? We think Simon Cowell makes the show and the chemistry between him and the other US judges is pretty fun to watch. After all the show is for our entertainment, right?

Now off to my cheap date night with my husband! (I did not get this posted because as I nursed my son to sleep he lulled me to sleep! I know all you nursing moms understand! ;-) )

The results of last night’s show are on tonight on Fox.

I have started three posts this week and have not got back to them, so I am trying to get them posted now.

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  1. Magen says:

    My mother is in LOVE with X factor… I personally never got into it because it is on the same time as Dancing with the Stars …but I have caught a few episodes and it is a good show!

  2. I watch it every week! My favorite is Josh. I just love his voice, and I thought he was the best last night.

    Oh, and I wish they’d turn the contestant mics off after they sing. They’re talking too much!

  3. we really were into Xfactor when it starter but it seem to of lost its fizzle

  4. Yeah, they do talk too much sometimes. But I love the banter between the judges and last night Melanie made me laugh! She was hilarious because usually she is so calm, sweet and quiet and out came this bubbling over of her “high” after her performance! The girls are my favorites and I love Chris Rene’s story and how far he has come.

  5. Oh it hasn’t lost its fizzle for us! If I happen to still be downstairs at the computer, where the children are getting ready to watch a pre-approved movie, and XFactor comes on upstairs where our TV cable is someone comes running to tell me, “XFactor’s on Mommy!” It’s too funny!

  6. Glad to hear your mom is enjoying it. You can catch it now that Dancing with the Stars is over.

  7. The only talent competition I keep up with is The Voice so I’m clueless as to what’s happening on XFactor!

  8. Marcie W. says:

    After I believe, 9 faithful seasons of American Idol, I stopped watching. SO happy XFactor arrived and took it’s place in my heart because it puts Idol to SHAME! I have been Team Josh since his first audition! My second favorite is Drew :)

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