Bad Days

I hate bad days. They usually start because of one person and their attitude and it totally throws everyone in the whole house off. Today is a bad day. My attitude stinks. I will admit it. My day started ok. I got down to business and homeschooling, then a certain little person broke a new and currently my favorite mug. Material thing, an accident, I know, but still I reacted to the mishap and my attitude after that incident completely changed. Why do we sweat the little stuff? I have no idea why. I think I have grumped at nearly any child who has come near me and now all I want to do is climb into my shell and stay there. If I were a turtle that would be easy to do, but I am a mom of eight children and it is pretty much impossible to do!

I could have climbed back in bed, I know of two little people who would have climbed right in beside me because they do that every night anyways! But no, I got up and made lunch, cleaned up and came back to the computer with a silly blog post. Now I really need to apologize and get our day back on track so we can at least finish well.

The good thing about bad days is apologies and making the day better than it began! Off to strap a smile on my face, an apology on my lips and laughter in my heart as I enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon with my

Enjoy your day no matter how it started, even if it means an attitude adjustment by you!

By the way, the picture in this post is how I have felt most of this morning. :-(

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