Stem Cell Research Paid Women For Eggs

Am I the only one that think there’s something wrong with the title of this post? Oy, oy, oy. What is this world coming to? How low will we as a society go for money?

The LA Times article said:

The team paid the women who provided the eggs used in the study, a practice that has been forbidden by ethical guidelines from scientific organizations around the world. Some ethicists have argued that paying women for their eggs might create an exploitative trade.

Ya think?!

To avoid exerting undue influence on the donors, the New York team paid them $8,000 for the time and burden of donation (which does pose risks), then allowed them to decide later if they wanted their eggs to be used for research or for reproduction. That way, the conversation about payment was already over before any talk about scientific research began.

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I can only shake my head and feel sad. Now you know where I stand on stem cell research, after all I am pro-life, even for unfertilized eggs.

Read the full article here.

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