Colored Chicks

Friends in Canada forwarded us a cute email that I want to share with all of you, as I have never heard of this before. Sorry I cannot credit the photos or the ranch, but am sure a google search would turn up where this originated. (I didn’t find much but did find a YouTube video.) As cute as they are I do wonder at the concern others have voiced over the issue of coloring them, the care of them when folks take them home but they get to be full grown etc. What do you all think?

Colored Chicks (from email forward)

They live on a ranch in Durango CO and have 900 baby chicks. Every year, for Easter, they inject the eggs with food coloring, and when they hatch, they are brilliant with color. She uses, pink, purple, orange, green, pink, red, turquoise etc. They aren’t hurt by the process, and as they grow, they return to their normal colors. I’ve never seen anything so cute in my life. Wouldn’t you just love to grab a handful of these little puff balls?


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  1. They sound just adorable! I’m glad they’re not harmed in the process.

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