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Carefree Acti-Fresh

We females have the joys of not only experiencing a monthly menstrual cycle, but also the added pleasure of figuring out what products work best when for that “special” time of month. No matter what your normal brand or product is you will want to know about the new product Carefree has recently introduced to the market of feminine hygiene products.

True to its name, Carefree has developed an innovative new product to add to your routine and help keep you feeling refreshed. Now 40% thinner and up to twice as absorbent (compared to the previous Carefree Body Shape liners), Carefree Acti-Fresh liners were designed with everyday wear in mind. Plus, the odor control system keeps you feeling fresh for up to eight hours, covering you throughout the day, especially while exercising, traveling, or whenever you’re on-the-go.

Our Review (or should I say my teenage daughter’s review):

I hate bulky pantyliners. They are SO uncomfortable….. I’ve always wished that someone would come up with a product that would allow you to wear a pantyliner without it actually feeling like you are wearing one. So when the opportunity came up to review a the new Carefree Acti-fresh pantyliners I was excited.

When the pantyliners arrived in the mail I was a little surprised at the size. The packaging was an itty bitty little box size package of 20 body shape regular to go pantyliners that are about six inches long. They don’t really look like your average pantyliner and are actually quite small as you can see by the photos below.

The Packaging

The Pad

Please take note of how truly thin this pad is!

Then when I tried them I was even more surprised that they worked! Not only did they work, but it didn’t even feel like I was wearing a liner! So I was very impressed with that aspect of it and the fact that the slogan, “So thin and absorbent, you’ll forget you’re wearing a liner!” really rang true. At least for me.

Another thing that was a positive is that they did not bunch up in any way and remained in place very well.

All in all I really liked these pads and would highly recommend them.

Mom’s Note

As a nursing mom, I am not experiencing my monthly cycle yet, nope not even 8 months postpartum and with baby eating solids – I think this is a new record for me! However, I did want to say that due to the size of this pad that mothers who have given birth multiple times may need more than one. Just sayin’.

You can buy the new Carefree liners at major retailers nationwide.

Faith and Family Reviews received the following product as a part of a blog campaign in exchange for writing a review and is being compensated an gift card. While we consider it a privilege to receive free products to review and compensation, our reviews are our honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

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